Historical Underwater Video Marathon: Battleship Ekaterina Velikaya

Historical Underwater Video Marathon: Battleship Ekaterina Velikaya

One of the most powerful dreadnought battleships to serve in the Russian Navy, the “Empress Catherine the Great” was scuttled in the Black Sea to prevent capture by the Germans. Now lying upside-down on the silty sea floor, the steel giant is ready to be explored for relics of the past.

We’ve prepared something interesting for you — a historical cinemarathon! Together, we’ll watch a series of documentaries that have been prepared jointly with the Russian Geographical Society’s Underwater Research Center.

The Underwater Research Center is a special research unit of the Russian Geographical Society that has been set up to study underwater spaces and objects. Fitted with specialized equipment, the Underwater Research Center has become a core organization in Russia in the field of underwater research and pays close attention to educational and awareness-raising projects.

Join our festive event and expect gifts!

⚓YouTube channel of the “Center for Underwater Research”:


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