Historical Underwater Video Marathon: Frigate Oleg

Historical Underwater Video Marathon: Frigate Oleg

A symbol of the technological strides achieved in the 19th century, the hybrid sailing / steam frigate Oleg met her fate prematurely due to an accident in 1869. Now, a team from the Underwater Research Center aims to reconstruct the events of that tragic day, and explore ways to remember our underwater history.

We’ve prepared something interesting for you – a historical cinemarathon! Together, we’ll watch a series of documentaries that have been prepared jointly with the Russian Geographical Society’s Underwater Research Center.

The Underwater Research Center is a special research unit of the Russian Geographical Society that has been set up to study underwater spaces and objects. Fitted with specialized equipment, the Underwater Research Center has become a core organization in Russia in the field of underwater research and pays close attention to educational and awareness-raising projects.

Join our festive event and expect gifts!

⚓YouTube channel of the “Center for Underwater Research”:


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