Top of the Tree: E 100

Top of the Tree: E 100

At the peak of this progression is, of course, the

E 100

. This embodiment of a super-heavy German panzer boasts one of

the largest HP pools in the game


solid frontal hull armor

, and the option to choose between

two very capable guns

. Storm into battle with the

12.8 cm Kw.K. Ausf. E

and rip enemies apart with

over 2700 DPM and 530 alpha damage

instead of the usual 490. Or mount the mighty

15 cm Kw. K L/38

on your turret for

a hefty 750-point alpha punch

that will have opponents of any class or tier shaking in their boots. But keep in mind that super-heavy also means super slow, so make sure to pick your route to the front line carefully and keep a trusted ally at your side, so you won’t get flanked.

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