Next Week on Xbox: March 2 to 5

Next Week on Xbox: March 2 to 5

Welcome to Next Week on Xbox! Here we cover all the new games coming soon to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PC as well as upcoming Xbox Game Pass and soon-to-be released ID@Xbox titles! Get more details on the games below and click their profiles for pre-order details when available (release dates are subject to change). Let’s jump in!

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

– March 2

– Xbox One X Enhanced

Monster Jam Steel Titans

delivers the complete Monster Jam experience for everybody to enjoy! All the trucks, stunts, stadiums, racing and massive air in one game. Play in various game modes including stadium and outdoor racing, various stunt challenges, and destruction modes!

3 out of 10: Season 1 – March 3

Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Join the ongoing adventures of developers at the world’s worst video game studio as they endure antics both absurd and topical. Will they ever make a game that scores higher than a 3 out of 10? Stay tuned and find out.

Pick up your pickaxe and plenty of bombs as you set forth into treacherous dungeons in pixelated 8-bit style. This roguelike adventure combines inspirations from genre classics with procedural generation to keep every run fresh and unpredictable.

Deploy your team of Glitchangels to repair The System, one corrupt subroutine at a time. The braver you are, the deeper you go, into the depths of the virtual realm. Defeat hordes of enemies, purify areas of corruption and unlock devastating abilities as you go.

The Green Fire has been abducted by evil aliens, who force him to solve puzzles for tests. You need to pass all the tests to return the Green Fire back to his home.


is a logic game that mixes the mechanics of movement and gravity — put all the objects in the right places by controlling the character and the force of gravity.

Orbital Racer

– March 3

A unique combination of space and racing sims. Choose between fast-paced, explosive action or more realistic simulation where drifting around every corner becomes more than just a gimmick – it’s a necessity. Race around distinct locations such as the rings of Saturn or orbital city on Venus.

Join Sir Lovelot in this wacky platformer as he roams the four corners of Lululand to find the love of his life! The game boasts over 40 hand-crafted levels of platforming goodness, from rope climbing and wall sliding to high jumping and water diving. Off you go now!

Trade, fight, and explore!

Under the Jolly Roger

offers the ability to free roam three vast worlds filled with dozens of colonies and forts, hundreds of quests, and countless ships to plunder. Level your pirates from sailor boys to skilled old salts across hundreds of quests in this sailing adventure.

Assemble your arsenal of increasingly excessive weapons, track spiders across suburbia, and burn everything in your path! To defeat the spiders, you must exploit their one weakness: Fire. Or bullets. Or explosions, throwing stars, gettin’ smushed by stuff… pretty much anything, really, in this first-person action game about hunting spiders and causing collateral damage.

Asdivine Cross

– March 5

– Optimized for Xbox Series X|S / Smart Delivery

Between threats of war and angry deities, embark on a series of quests that will determine the very fate of Asdivine. Combine magic and skills to create powerful combos in turn-based battles, upgrade your weapons, enter a battle arena, complete tons of side quests, and more. Suit up and set out on an adventure like never before!

Dreaming Sarah

– March 5

Inspired by the horror game

Yume Nikki


Dreaming Sarah

is a surreal adventure platformer game with puzzle elements, an engaging environment, an incredibly diverse cast of characters, and of course, a young girl named Sarah.

In this charming 3D platformer, explore magical worlds, from the calm beaches of Coconut Islands to the freezing heights of Yeti Ridge, make new friends, race against unusual mech-rivals, solve puzzles and find all the delicious collectibles scattered around Carrotland, as Molty (the mail mole!) embarks on an adventure to make his most important delivery yet… before it’s too late!

Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes

– March 5

The gates to another world will open soon! As Vanessa, the only heiress of Abraham Van Helsing, a member of the secret order of light guarding the peace of our world, you must find the stolen runes that sealed the gate, behind which lurks an ancient evil in this hidden object adventure game.

In the distant future, humanity has discovered a method to replicate matter using a Dimensional Gate. Soon, the peace brought about by Gate Technology crumbles once a new threat appears. In an act of desperation, the experimental RSK9 is constructed — a ship made of Pre-Gate materials and technology with the ability to absorb parasite energy. Take control of the RSK9 and prevent the extinction of mankind in this action-packed shooter.

With over 3 million happy players, find out why

Two Point Hospital

is a healthcare phenomenon! Take your hospital-building business experience to the next level, with four huge expansions and two additional DLCs, all bundled into an extraordinary

Jumbo Edition

that’s bursting at the seams.

Face a variety of enemies and beat them to collect blue, red, yellow, green jewels to reclaim your treasure and win the game. Use your powerful sword and bombs to overcome your foes.

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