[Development] New location: Seversk-13

[Development] New location: Seversk-13

In the War Thunder “Ixwa Strike” update we will be introducing a new location for mixed battles, tentatively called “Seversk-13”.

The abandoned Soviet military town of Seversk-13 and its environment will become a new battleground for the armoured vehicles and aircraft of War Thunder with the release of the “Ixwa Strike” major update. The central zone in the location is an area near the cultural centre, surrounded by administrative and industrial buildings. It is adjacent to a residential zone of ​​late Soviet paneled prefab buildings and a small garage cooperative. Plenty room for hide and seek style gameplay.

Welcome to Seversk-13, a new location for mixed battles in War Thunder! Battles in the new map will begin with the release of the “Ixwa Strike” update very soon – stay tuned!

Check out the full Dev Blog article here![warthunder.com]

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