Public Test of Update 0.10.3: Round 2

Public Test of Update 0.10.3: Round 2

Captains, welcome to the Public Test of Update 0.10.3!

The Hamburg Dockyard, Early Access German destroyers, Axis vs Allies mode, and other new features. Take a look at the Developer Bulletin, and welcome to the Test!

Round 2 Schedule

Starts: Thu. 01 Apr. 18:30 CEST (UTC+2)
Ends: Tue. 06 Apr. 07:30 CEST (UTC+2)

Сommanders, thank you for participating in the Public Test for Update 0.10.3! Your feedback helps us to improve the version and to fix errors. Check out the changelog and join the second session of the Public Test!

  • Changed the settings of the “Axis vs Allies” battle type, and the automatic addition of bots to teams was switched off. In the second stage of the Public Test, these battles will be conducted in a “4 vs 4” format. The waiting screen will be showing not only the total number of players in the queue, but also their number on the alliance chosen by the player.
  • Made visual changes to torpedo trails, tracers, shells, smoke screen, and the effect from the “Hydroacoustic Search” consumable. The speed of waves was reduced on all maps.
  • Updated the videos and fixed several issues in the Dockyard.
  • Reduced the fog density and fixed visual issues in the Hamburg Port.
  • Fixed issues in the  “Daily Rewards” section.
  • Fixed a bug because of which it was impossible to check the armor layout when previewing a ship in the Armory.
  • Balance changes to several ships were made.
  • Fixed some other bugs.
Special Features of the Test

The rewards for activities on the Public Test Server may differ from those on the Live Server. The new German destroyers can’t be obtained on the Public Test server.

The reward for completing 22 shipbuilding phases on the Public Test server is 100,000 Coal instead of IX ZF-6.

Combat Missions and Rewards
Fight a Random or Co-op Battle.

Reward on the Live Server: 3x signals of each type, except special signals

Earn at least three Stars in the Naval Battle competition.

Reward on the Live Server: 10x Type 6 camouflages

Complete 22 shipbuilding phases at the Dockyard. At least two of them must be progressed through by completing Dockyard combat missions.

Reward on the Live Server: 1x Wargaming container

Gain five victories in Axis vs Allies battles.

Reward on the Live Server: 3x each of the following special signals—Scylla, Basilisk, and Leviathan


Fight two Random or Co-op Battles playing five of these eight ships: V Furutaka, VII Myōkō, VIII Mogami, V Omaha, V König, IX Iowa, VI Ryūjō, V New York.

Reward on the Live Server: 5x each of the following special signals—Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, and Hydra

    One Wargaming container provides 1 day of Premium Account.
Starting Bonuses
  • Every participant of the Public Test will have all researchable Tier VIII ships, helmed by Commanders with 19 skill points, credited to their PT accounts.
  • Research prices for ships and ship modules will be substantially discounted.
  • Players will be able to reset Commander skills free of charge.

If you’re joining the Public Test for the first time since Update 0.10.2, you’ll be awarded the following additional bonuses:

  • 500,000,000 Credits; 30,000 Doubloons; and 90 days of Premium Account.
  • 50 signal flags of all types (except special signals) will also be added to your PT account.
How to Enter

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