Let’s Talk History: T-34 vs. M4A1 Sherman Showdown

Let’s Talk History: T-34 vs. M4A1 Sherman Showdown


Have you picked a side in the epic Tank Wars battle, yet? Our fierce competition between the



and the


M4A1 Sherman

is in full swing and you can still put your support behind one of our Hero Tanks. Check our guide for more information on

how to participate


Not sure which team to pick? Let’s take a closer look at the two combatants, together with

Richard ‘The Challenger’ Cutland

, Head of Military Relations at Wargaming,


, the Senior Video Content Manager at Wargaming, and

Craig Moore

, who you might already know from our ”




” and the author of “Tank Hunter”.

Join them, as they analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both vehicles and discuss which one they would favor in the competition. They will mostly focus on the following topics:

Who are the Hero Tanks?

Firepower, guns, and ammo!

Different Armor; different approaches

Technology to win the fight

Mobility on the battlefield

No Tank without a Crew

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