Dive Into Episode #3 of Tank Bootcamp: First Battle

Dive Into Episode #3 of Tank Bootcamp: First Battle


Welcome to the latest video in our new Bootcamp series.

Episode #3 dives into your first battle

and guides you through everything you see on screen. There will be tips and tricks about aiming, shooting, and discovering enemies’ weak spots. Watch to see how to deal damage effectively and stay alive longer.

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The game interface:

Getting familiar with all the information displayed on-screen

How to effectively deal damage:

Looking at gun dispersion, shell velocity and flight time, auto-aim, penetration, armor, shell types, weak spots, modules and equipment, and other types of damage like ramming, pushing, overturning, and drowning

Survival tactics:

Knowing your tank, safe positions, concealment and spotting, and other dangers

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Get started!

Take a look at our full guide to starting World of Tanks. From controls and firing, to survival and in-game communication, we have you covered! Join tankers from all over the world, engage in epic tank battles, and fight for victory!


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