Community Giveaway!

Community Giveaway!

Greetings, Captains!

In celebration of our new partnership with the “Godzilla vs. Kong” movie, we’re holding a special giveaway with guaranteed prizes! You stand a chance to win our new themed Kong or Godzilla camouflages, worth 5,000 Doubloons! 

How to Enter:

Use the World of Warships profile background (here or here) and avatar (here) to customize your Steam profile.
Leave a comment stating whether you are #TeamKong or #TeamGodzilla so we can determine that you are an event participant.


All participants are guaranteed to get a prize—1x “Two Titans—One King” container.
Five random winners will get super prizes—Godzilla or Kong themed camouflages (according to your hashtag in the comments section). Please note that these unique camouflages are only applicable to VIII Amagi and VIII North Carolina.


Winners will be picked at random from the pool of participating unique users—only one comment per user will be taken into consideration.
Your profile must be public so we can check whether you have met the event requirements.
The avatar and background must stay on your profile for at least a week. 
Any comments that miss the correct information or break the discussion rules may be deleted or excluded.
The comment thread will be locked on May 21. The results will be announced in this thread on May 28. Prizes will be awarded within a week.
We will add 2x Godzilla or Kong themed camouflages to the prize pool for each additional 1,000 participants. So, don’t spare with the comments to boost your chances of winning!
We wish you good luck and following seas!

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