Top 5 Tips for Earning Credits

Top 5 Tips for Earning Credits


Gold and credits are the real fuel that your favorite World of Tanks vehicles run on. They grant you access to some of the mightiest and most exciting tanks in the game, keep your crews in top shape, and let you unlock heaps of benefits and incredible gameplay!

As you snap up the fruitful

weekly offers

, also take a look at our top tips for earning credits so you can reap the rewards.

Benefits of Credits



Top 5 Tips for Earning Credits

1) Identify the Best Credit Earners per Tier

The number of credits earned per battle can vary greatly. Yet, while there is a whole heap of exciting vehicles in the game—some can prove themselves more profitable than others, depending on how well you play, of course.

Premium vehicles will always provide you with more credits. Meanwhile, Tier V, Tier VI, and Tier VII vehicles, and some Tech Tree vehicles, will let you cash in plenty of credits too, simply due to their lower repair costs and cheaper shells.

Each tier from Tier III to Tier VIII boasts several lucrative earners

, such as:

Tier III:



Tier IV:



Tier V:




Tier VI:




Tier VII:



Tier VIII:



2) Take Advantage of Regular Credit Discounts and More

Keep a keen eye out on the portal for any

weekly offers

, credit discounts, or

WoT Premium Account time

promotions that frequently crop up.

Take advantage of credit boosters

when you have free

WoT Premium Account time

and roll out in your Premium vehicles to earn easy credits.

Available from May 19 at 07:00 CEST through May 26 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)




ends in:


They See Me Rollin’



30 days of WoT Premium Account

30 Large Repair Kits

ends in:


Support Drop



ends in:


World of Tanks Premium Account lets you earn

50% more credits per battle

, while the Reserve Stock adds an additional

10% credits per battle

which is paid out at the end of the week (max 750,000 credits per week).


) Clear Out Your Garage and Depot

Rustle through your Garage and Depot and identify those old or lower-tier vehicles you haven’t played for a while or have no intention of playing.

Simply sell them for a credit profit.

Next, head to the Depot and discard unused shells, modules, equipment, and consumables. Then check the exterior of your tank. You may have earned decals and emblems that you can also sell for credits.

4) Roll Out in a Platoon

Play in a Platoon with a friend who has a WoT Premium Account. This will help boost your credit income even when you don’t have Premium time of your own.

Team up and complete weekend special missions, usually announced every Friday, that can unlock valuable goods, including credits, Premium time, and credit boosters.

Playing as a Platoon will earn

+15% XP

. Also, if at least one player in a Platoon has a WoT Premium Account, that player will earn

+15% credits

for every battle, and those who don’t have it will receive

+10% credits


5) Reap the Benefits of the Referral Program

Invite a friend to the game and receive bonuses from the Referral Program. When playing as a Platoon with your Recruit, you will receive

50% more credits and XP per battle

! The Recruit will receive 100% more credits and XP, or 50% more credits and XP if they play alone. The Commander does not receive referral bonuses for playing solo. Give a new player a helping hand and

pick up lucrative credit and other rewards for yourself


Generate your unique invite code below.

Send your friend the invite code displayed above so they can add even more starter rewards to their Garage!

Reap the benefits of the Referral Program as you play through together.

Take a look at all the details on the

Referral Program 2.0 guide

, including the list of tanks both the Recruit and Commander can get for free!


Roll Out!

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