Discounts of up to 30% in the Wargaming Store for the Crystal Challenge

Discounts of up to 30% in the Wargaming Store for the Crystal Challenge


A dangerous beast is on the loose and we need brave commanders to catch it! It will take skill and perseverance to bring

the brand-new German Kampfpanzer 07 RH

down. Make sure you are well-prepared and put on some protective gear before you face its razor-sharp teeth.

The quick medium tank has already ravaged the Wargaming Store and has torn prices apart, leaving nothing but great discounts in its wake. Make the most of this surprise attack and get

up to 30% off the German collection

, including T-shirts, the Tiger plush, and more.

World of Tanks Tiger Stone-Washed T-shirt

World of Tanks Tiger I Tech T-shirt

World of Tanks Tiger T-shirt

World of Tanks Tiger Plush

World of Tanks Tiger Collection Velcro Patches

World of Tanks Tiger Pin

Tiger Stone-Washed T-shirt

Tiger I Tech T-shirt

Tiger T-shirt

Tiger Plush

Tiger Collection Velcro Patches

Tiger Pin

German Collection sales are only

available until May 30 and while stocks last

, so be quick and get your gear!

And don’t miss your chance to

commemorate this exciting challenge with the decorative pillow and mug

featuring the action-packed Kampfpanzer 07 RH artwork.

Crystal Challenge Commemorative Mug

Crystal Challenge Commemorative Pillow

Crystal Challenge Commemorative Poster

Crystal Challenge Mug

Crystal Challenge Pillow

Crystal Challenge Poster


Roll Out!

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