Community giveaway!

Community giveaway!


The size of the 0.10.4 patch came as a surprise to many, so we sent a gift to all the active players as a thank you for your understanding. Check your Steam Inventory!

We believe that insurmountable circumstances should be treated with humor so we are offering you a chance to participate in a small competition of memes on the theme “Your update is so big that…”.

So, leave your jokes and memes in the comments. The authors of each joke/meme, corresponding to the rules, will receive 1 Steam container. We will also select a handful of the best jokes and publish them together with the results of the contest.

Contest period:
21.05.2021 – 25.05.2021 23:59 (UTC).
The results of the contest will be published by May 27, 2021 23:59(UTC).
Prizes will be awarded by May 28, 2021 23:59(UTC).Rules of the contest:
Entries (jokes) should start with the words “Your update is so big that…”.
Entries (jokes) can be framed in the form of text, comic strip, or meme.
Sending several works is allowed, but each participant is entitled to only one award.
Entries must not violate applicable laws, Steam rules, and EULA.
We reserve the right to remove comments that violate the rules.
Good luck to all!

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