Dry Dock: Genova

Dry Dock: Genova

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Take a look at the Italian Premium cruiser from an unusual angle!

World of Warships is the largest virtual shipyard in the world.
Our artists strive to improve the quality of their work each year, and at the same time, greater expectations are placed on them in relation to the accuracy of the models they create. While the in-game camera isn’t able to highlight every beautiful detail of our ship models, the Dry Dock series is here to do just that! Watch its episodes to enjoy some spectacular views of the immaculate details of various objects that can be found on our ships’ decks.

Today, we’re focusing on an Italian Tier V cruiser! Genova is a project of an Italian heavy cruiser designed under the restrictions of the Washington Treaty. Though the cruiser never materialized in steel, the work on this project became the basis for the development of the Trento-class ships. Take a look at the warship from an unusual angle in Dry Dock!


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