Meme contest results !

Meme contest results !


Our little competition has come to an end, thank you to everyone who took part, we really appreciate your support! Your prizes will be awarded by May 28, 2021 23:59 (UTC).

And here are the jokes we liked the most, authors of these jokes will be awarded with 5 days of WoWS premium. ːsteamhappyː

“Your update is so big, its even worth an own joke-contest.” By jw_fafnir
“Your update was so big that it increased the price of hard drives globally.” By Drewtou
“Your update is so big that Dora can’t even explore it!” By Na_creeper
“Your update is so big that it made Lady Dimitrescu look small!” By MadhatterX
“I almost did thought I was downloading World of Warships Ⅱ.” By Way to the western
“Your update is so big that i had to come back from the future to write a joke.” By garibo684
“Your update is so big that chuck norris raised an eyebrow.” By OgerGER
“Your update is so big, Ben Kenobi called it a space station.” By rosschambers2001
“Your update is so big that it scares Godzilla.” By almondejoy88
“Your update is so big, a German battleship could reliably hit it at max range.” By Enrai Beta
“The update was so big it took me back to my youth when downloads took all day.” By tmccall
We’ll be running another contest very soon, so keep your eyes peeled on our profile for the news!

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