Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.5

Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.5

IMPORTANT! Because the update is still being tested, the information in this bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Some changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the update is released.Please note: the rewards for activities on the Public Test server may differ from those on the Live Server.

Grand Battle

A new temporary battle type—Grand Battle—awaits you, and its main feature comes in the form of super battleships. When legendary battleship Yamato was destroyed by aircraft carriers, it presaged the domination of deck aviation in naval warfare. Super battleships are the ships that might have existed if shipbuilding had moved toward the development of main batteries as the primary decisive factor of battle.

Two super battleships will be available to you in the Grand Battle:
Satsuma is a project based on Yamato with reinforced primary armament—510 mm guns in four twin-gun turrets.[expand style=more] [/expand]
Hannover is a version of the H-42 project with 483 mm guns in four twin-gun turrets and her secondary battery replaced with dual-purpose artillery with a caliber of 128 mm.[expand style=more] [/expand]

Things You Should Know

Battle format is 9 vs 9, playing Tier IX–X ships, including super battleships. Restrictions: no more than three super battleships per team.
Once Update 0.10.5 is released, you will receive Satsuma and Hannover for rent.
To enter battle at the helm of a super battleship, you will need a new temporary resource—Intelligence Reports. Participate in the Grand Battle playing Tier IX–X ships to earn the new resource.
The rewards include Dazzling expendable camouflages, a commemorative flag, and the Grand Battle patch.

Adjustment Fire

New mechanics have been added for the super battleships—adjustment fire. Each gun salvo that hits a locked target, or lands near it, fills the adjustment fire meter. As soon as it is filled, some ship characteristics get a temporary boost. Satsuma receives a bonus to the accuracy of her main battery; Hannover receives a bonus to the range and accuracy of her secondary battery.

The bonuses can be applied an unlimited number of times in a single battle. If the ship ceases firing for a certain amount of time, the progress of the adjustment fire meter resets.Thanks to the new mechanics, you can reinforce your ship directly in battle, but to use this feature to maximum effect, you will need to plan your actions and positioning in advance. This will make the gameplay more interesting and diverse.

Damage Caused to Allies

In Update 0.10.5, we are disabling the ability to cause damage to allies. This change will have a positive impact on gameplay—your teammates won’t be able to damage or destroy your ship now.

Main changes

You can no longer damage allied ships, disable their modules, cause detonation, or destroy them. You can’t damage allies by ramming them either.
At the same time, all armament types will still hit allied ships. For example, you won’t be able to launch torpedoes at an enemy through an allied ship.
A warning for unsportsmanlike behavior will now be issued for a certain number of hits on allied ships with any armament type, except for secondary battery hits. You can now be issued a warning for unsportsmanlike behavior only if you hit allied ships with torpedoes and main battery shells 15 times or more.
If you continue to break the rules, you will be banned from all battle types, except for Co-op, Clan, and Training Battles.
Additionally, you won’t earn any Credits or XP for any battle in which you receive the warning for attacking your teammates. If you don’t break the rules in your next battles, any resources you earn will be credited to you as usual.
The return damage that a ship receives as a penalty for hitting teammates will grow with each subsequent hit on an allied ship.
Camera effects that indicate incoming damage won’t be active for a ship that is hit by an ally.
The warning about allied torpedoes has also been removed, since they can no longer inflict damage.[expand style=more] [/expand]
Damage to allies has been disabled for all battle types.

Changes to Attack Aircraft

In Update 0.10.5, the rocket-launching mechanics are being updated. Attack aircraft will now fire small-caliber machine guns prior to an attack. They don’t inflict damage to ships, but show the exact spot where the rockets are going to hit. This information, together with a prolonged attack time, will allow the Captains of agile ships—destroyers, primarily—to maneuver, and thus reduce possible rocket damage.

This change will be applied to the attack aircraft of all carriers.

Other Changes

A new nation—the Netherlands—has been added. The Netherlands cruiser branch, which is currently being tested, will be transferred to it; once Update 0.10.6 releases, Friesland will also be transferred to it.

Recruitment Points have been updated. They will become a more versatile resource that can be earned by participating in various activities and exchanged for valuable and rare rewards.
Recruitment Points have been renamed Community Tokens.
You will be able to earn the Tokens by participating in the Recruiting Station referral program, by participating in activities on the Public Test server, for watching World of Warships official streams, and during various regional and global activities.
You can spend Community Tokens on different items in the Armory: ships, containers, permanent and expendable camouflages, commemorative flags, and other rewards.We have updated the sorting and filters in the “Ships” section of the Armory. This change will make navigation easier and allow you to find any ships you are looking for faster.
The ships have been arranged in themed sets.
They can now be sorted by various criteria, for example—cost and name.
A price range can now be specified when selecting a resource in the filters.
A filter for ships that can be purchased at a discount has also been added.
The display of upgrades in the Equipment tab has been updated.
Now, a full list of upgrades available for purchase is shown in each slot.
While in the Equipment tab of the Port, you can now click through to purchase special or unique upgrades from the Armory.
Upgrade sorting has been updated.
A button allowing you to return to the Equipment tab has been added to the purchase status pop-up window.

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