A New Triple Top of the Tree for June

A New Triple Top of the Tree for June


The triple Top of the Tree returns for June with a new line-up. Focus on one branch and complete missions to climb all the way to Tier X, or explore all three nations and add new vehicles to your collection with nice discounts.

AMX 50 B

AMX 50 B

The French

agility and its autoloader

for survival, rather than strong armor. Wait for your teammates with a thick skin to engage the enemy and quickly come to their aid with an

impressive top speed of 65 km/h

and an even more stunning

120 mm SA46 autoloading gun

. The 4 shells per clip can dish out an average of

400 damage every 2.5 seconds

, enough to leave nothing behind but ashes and dust.

Strv 103B

Strv 103B

If you prefer to play hide and seek with your enemies, take on the Swedish tank destroyer line up to the

sneaky and fast vehicles

, especially the top-tier vehicles with their

special Travel and Siege mode

. Switch to Travel mode and use great mobility to escape your opponents, or surprise your target with precise shots from a safe distance with improved gun handling in Siege mode.

E 50 Ausf. M

E 50 Ausf. M

The final spotlight shines on a true classic. The

upgrade to its turret armor

not too long ago. It is a monster of a medium tank, with

exceptionally strong frontal armor

, and a

precise cannon

. Despite its size and weight, it is

surprisingly mobile

and can reach up to 60 km/h at top speed. Quickly take the best sniper positions and use armor-angling maneuvers to bounce shells while aiming at enemy weak spots. And if an opponent dares to come too close, use your

superior power-to-weight ratio and over 60 tons of steel

to ram them in their place, also known as a cozy spot in their Garage.

No matter which path you choose, make sure to take full advantage of the following

discounts on the purchase price in credits and XP missions

. Don’t forget that you can also

purchase an extra boost

if you want to speed things up even more!

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