Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

Brawl 5 vs. 5 at the Helms of Tier X Ships!

Main Features

Update 0.10.1 brings updated Brawls! They are now a separate battle type with short seasons and a smaller team format—expect the battles to be more dynamic and fast-paced compared to other battle types! You can participate either in a Division or solo, and you don’t need to be a member of a Clan. Team up with friends to win more battles!
Each Brawl runs for only a few days. This battle type isn’t available during low-activity periods.
You’ll be able to complete a special combat mission chain—win battles to earn Credits, Coal, and other rewards!
Your allies are picked at random if you don’t enter the queue in a Division. Matchmaking takes your ship type into account.
The ship-type compositions of each team won’t necessarily mirror each other.
For each new battle, you won’t be matched with any opponents who you fought against in your last several battles.
Bonuses for the first win of the day are not available in Brawls.


Start: Mon. 07 Jun. 10:00 CEST (UTC+2)
End: Mon. 14 Jun. 03:00 CEST (UTC+2)

You can take part in the Brawl only during the time period specified for your server.


5 vs. 5, playing Tier X ships of any type.

Ship restrictions per team:
A maximum of one aircraft carrier.
Up to two battleships. If the team has one aircraft carrier, there can be no more than one battleship in the same team.
Up to two cruisers.
Up to two destroyers.

Game maps and modes

New Dawn, Trident, Warrior’s Path, Shards, and Crash Zone Alpha; Domination mode.

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You can earn up to 2,250,000 Credits; 80,000 Elite Commander XP; 10,000 Coal; and 4x signals of each type, except for special ones.

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