It’s fixed! №8 + Update 09.06.2021 (

It’s fixed! №8 + Update 09.06.2021 (

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder on the website special section[].

Driver skills improved

In our previous release we reported the improvement of turns and pivot control of the War Thunder ground vehicles. Though this improvement was warmly appreciated by the community, you have pointed out odd vehicle behavior on steep slopes.

When moving down a hill, the driver might forget to switch to a higher gear, making a vehicle slower than it could be moving. At the same time, while climbing up a slope, the driver might switch between gears 1 and 3.

These issues are solved now. A driver selects a proper gear ratio, depending on the circumstances. Go up better and down faster!

Client crash fix

Immediately after the “Red Skies” update, we rolled out several important fixes to prevent a game crash. The key one was related to the function of downloading additional content only from your hangar. Your bug reports helped greatly to make it happen as fast as possible.

The Gaijin Dev team would like to thank all the players who inform us about such issues. Thank you all!

Ship damage

This issue didn’t last long, but affected damage for War Thunder fleets from HE rounds. The durability of certain hull materials was mistakenly set too high for shrapnel and blast wave damage. This issue was especially noticeable in boat battles, but also affected the bluewater ships, making fuel tanks very durable against shrapnel.

Well, you’d better be afraid HE rounds again, since this issue is happily solved!

ATGM fix

When the “Red Skies” update went live, we got numerous reports concerning the odd trajectories of the anti-tank guided missiles. Obviously, they were not supposed to fly like that!

We’ve fixed that rather fast, but we’re not sure all the players got the good news in time. The Snail reports: ATGM launch issue is fixed, once and for all!

Overpressure damage

For some time our overpressure damage mechanics[] were nuts! Can you imagine – when sitting near an ally, who is getting HE damage, you may also receive overpressure damage, which totally ignores your armour!

A tank without armour is nonsense, do you agree? So do we. We fixed this naughty bug in a day after the reporting.

The changes you feel

This release is mostly retrospective, since we decided not to tie down improvements that need to be released as soon as possible. However, we still have a good list of changes, released to the game to make your game experience better, a big list of individual fixes for vehicles that will definitely improve your gaming experience.

Update 09.06.2021 (

The driver in ground vehicles now switches gears more correctly when moving up or down a hill.
Phantom FG.1, Phantom FGR.2 – fixed missing texture on the AIM-9G/9D missile pylon.
OS2U-3 – fixed a bug with obstructed view for the gunner (report)[].
A bug that caused the radial menu to not work when playing with a gamepad for some players by using control settings different from standard (flying out in an event, fire extinguisher, artillery strike) has been fixed.
A bug that in some camera positions showed tree branches and leaves without transparency has been fixed.

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

SA 313B Alouette II (Germany), SA 313B Alouette II (France) — fixed a bug where the MG sight might disappear whilst using the weapon selector.
Etendard IVM – fixed a bug where an antenna might remain when the tail is torn off.
Firefly FR.Mk.V – fixed a bug that prevented installation of 250 lb or 500 lb bombs separately from rockets (report).
A.109EOA-2, A129CBT – fixed a bug that disabled stabilization from the gunner view in certain sectors.
SB-2 (all series) – bomb drop order has been corrected for DER-19 and DER-33 pylons.
MiG-21F-13 – the thickness of the headrest has been corrected to 16 mm.
Harrier GR.3, Jaguar GR.1, AV-8A, AV-8C, Phantom FG.1, FGR.2 — incorrect overload limit equal to 4G for launch AIM-9D and AIM-9G missiles has been revoked.

Flight model changes

MiG-23M – the maximum indicated air speed has been increased to 1,400 kph.

Ground vehicles model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

Ostwind, Ostwind II — fixed a bug that prevented part of the ammo rack from exploding even if the module had been destroyed (“blackened”).
M47, mKpz M47, M47 (Japan) – gun depression angle has been corrected from -5 to -10 degrees (report)[].
FV102 Striker — Issues causing an inability to fire ATGMs after the commander was killed has been fixed.

Fleets model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

IJN Yugumo – fixed insufficient draft.
HMS Belfast, HMS Liverpool – the armour type on specific elements has been fixed.
USS Baltimore – fixed the type of armour decking.
S-204 Lang – MG34 machine gun changed to MG15.


The game now launches correctly in VR mode using a WMR Headset with the Easy Anticheat checkbox enabled in the launcher.The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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