Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

“Green ships are on our side. Don’t fire at them.” This joke from our tutorial video might actually be really useful advice for some of our players.

It’s highly likely that you’ve been hit by a friendly torpedo at least once or that you’ve witnessed an ally being idle in a battle. This kind of behavior from team members can affect how much you enjoy the game and spoil the fun. To bring the number of cases like this down, we have an unsportsmanlike conduct prevention system in place.

Starting with Update 0.10.5, you won’t be able to inflict damage to allied ships. Here’s a breakdown of the changes and a reminder about other existing rules.

How Does the System Work?

If a player “sleeps,” fires at allies, or leaves a battle prematurely:
They see a warning describing their infraction.
Their nickname turns pink.To remove the warning, they will need to play several battles without breaking the rules.

If a player continues to violate the rules after receiving a warning, they will be confined to Co-op, Clan, and Training Battles for some time. Their nickname will turn orange, but only in the Port—it will still be pink in battles.

To lift the punishment, they will need to play several Co-op Battles and observe the rules. More violations means more Co-op Battles.
The number of battles that need to be fought to lift the punishment is displayed in a special pop-up window in the Port.

You can still participate in Clan Battles with this status. The Clan leader can decide whether such a player should participate in battles.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Firing at Allies

Starting with Update 0.10.5, we’re disabling allied damage in all battle types. This change will have a positive impact on gameplay—players will no longer be able to damage or destroy allied ships.

Main changes

You can no longer damage or destroy allied ships, disable their modules, or cause detonation. Ramming won’t cause any damage to allied ships either.
At the same time, allied ships still present an obstacle for shells, torpedoes, and other weapon types.
The warning about approaching allied torpedoes has been removed.Even though you can no longer damage allied ships, hits on them are still registered by the unsportsmanlike conduct prevention system. This will allow us to punish any players who fire at teammates on purpose. This kind of behavior interferes with other Captains’ experience of the game and doesn’t contribute to a team’s success.
After a player hits an ally with any armament type except for secondary battery shells, they will be warned that they need to stop firing at allied ships.
If the player continues to fire at allies and scores 40 hits on the same ship or 50 hits on different ships in a single battle, they will be issued a warning. Their nickname will turn pink.
The player who receives a warning won’t earn any XP or Credits in that battle.
When a warning is issued to a player, friendly fire penalty is applied. The perpetrator receives damage in response for landing further hits on allies. The amount of damage inflicted by the friendly fire penalty depends on the perpetrator’s current HP and grows with each new hit on an allied ship.
The troublemaker will earn XP and Credits as usual in the battles that follow, provided that they don’t break the rules again. If they continue to break the rules, they will be restricted from entering any battle types except for Co-op, Clan, and Training Battles, and their nickname will turn orange in their Port.

Inactivity in Battle

If a player is inactive in a battle, they also receive a punishment. To avoid punishment, players need to meet at least one of the criteria listed below.

Activity indicators for cruisers, destroyers, and battleships

Travel some distance. An inactive ship being pushed by another ship is not counted as the action of traveling.
Participate in the capture or defense of Key Areas.
Damage enemy ships with any weapons except for secondary battery guns. Ramming damage is not taken into account.

Activity indicators for aircraft carriers

Damage enemy ships with any weapons except for secondary battery guns. Ramming damage is not taken into account.
Destroy enemy planes or lose your own planes.

Exiting a Battle Prematurely

If a player actively participated in a battle for less than 75% of its duration (due to quitting the battle or a technical issue), they’re considered to have exited the battle prematurely. For example, a player fights in a battle for 7.5 minutes and leaves the battle before it finishes, and their ship is still afloat. If this battle lasts longer than 10 minutes, the player will be issued an appropriate warning or potentially be given a stricter punishment if they already have other violations.

Unfortunately, no one is safe from a sudden disconnection from the server or unforeseen situations in life. If a player doesn’t break the rules regularly, the probability of receiving the “orange” status and restrictions on battle types is insignificant.The system is more forgiving to those who have to leave their post at the helm due to unforeseen situations. However, it will severely punish those who break the rules multiple times on purpose. Thanks to the unsportsmanlike conduct prevention system, battles in World of Warships will become more comfortable for all players who observe the rules and strive to win.

Respect other players and their time! Good luck in battle, Captains!

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