New German Destroyers Review | World of Warships

New German Destroyers Review | World of Warships

Everything you need to know to reach for victory playing the new German destroyer branch!
German destroyers Z-31, Gustav-Julius Maerker, Felix Schultz, and Elbing are now available for all players to research.
We’re going to tell you how to overcome the enemy from behind the helms of the new ships!

00:00 — Teaser: artillery German destroyer branch review
00:45 — Features of the German destroyers: accuracy, damage, and penetration
01:15 — Artillery characteristics of German destroyers
01:50 — Torpedo cruising range
02:30 — Armor features of the German destroyers
03:10 — German destroyers lack the Engine Boost consumable
03:35 — Recommended skills and upgrades for German destroyers
04:25 — Cruiser tactics for German destroyers in World of Warships
04:55 — German destroyers: how to play them

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