Armada: Tone

Armada: Tone

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Tone—named after a river on Honshu island—was the lead ship of a two-cruiser series. The ships of this class were based on the Mogami project, but Tone was eventually built under a modified design. The four twin-gun turrets that comprised her main battery were mounted on the ship’s bow. This arrangement improved her seaworthiness and made some room for torpedo tubes and extensive aircraft equipment.

Heavy cruiser Tone was laid down in Nagasaki in 1934 and commissioned in 1938. In late 1941, the cruiser participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor along with her sister ship, Chikuma. Together with a carrier-based squadron, Tone also carried out a raid on Port Darwin, Australia. During this raid, 30 enemy aircraft and 11 enemy ships were destroyed.

In 1942, the heavy cruiser carried out raids in the Indian Ocean and participated in the Battle of Midway. In the early stages of this decisive engagement, it was precisely the crew of one of Tone’s floatplanes that first spotted the American fleet. While the cruiser didn’t take any damage in the battle near Midway Atoll, she did lose one aircraft that went down with its crew. Tone also engaged in combat actions near the Santa Cruz Islands later that year.

In October 1944, Tone fought in the Battle of Leyte Gulf as part of the First Mobile Striking Force. She suffered damage after being struck by three bombs during the course of the battle. The ship was heavily damaged during an American air raid on Kure in 1945, causing her to partially sink. In 1948, what was left of Tone was recovered and scrapped.

Modeling the Ship

In World of Warships, Tone resides at Tier VIII. She’s equipped with long-range torpedo armament that can deal solid damage, has decent armor protection for a cruiser, and good concealment. Additionally, she has access to a squadron of torpedo bombers, making Tone the first hybrid cruiser to enter World of Warships.

Main battery: eight 203 mm/50 3rd Year Type No.2 guns in Model E turrets

Dual-purpose battery: eight 127 mm/40 Type 89 guns in Model A1 mounts

AA defenses: 24 25 mm/60 Type 96 anti-aircraft guns in triple mounts, 25 similar guns in a single mount, eight similar guns in twin mounts


Main Armaments Modification 1
Engine Room Protection
Main Battery Modification 2
Steering Gears Modification 1
Concealment System Modification 1

Key Features

Eight accurate 203 mm guns mounted on the ship’s bow.
A squadron of torpedo bombers.
High speed.
Low detectability.
Decent armor protection for a cruiser.
Tone earns more Credits per battle, and her permanent camouflage adds a 50% XP bonus per battle and reduces the cost of the ship’s post-battle service by 10%.

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