It’s fixed! №10 + Update 23.06.2021 (

It’s fixed! №10 + Update 23.06.2021 (

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder on the website special section[].

Detection through the smoke

Often using a smoke screen is only the way to survive and it’s a shame if you find loopholes in it. Thanks to your bug reports we spotted one of them which appeared after the major update and allowed illumination of the outline of an enemy ground vehicle even through smoke in AB game mode.

It’s already fixed! Now the smoke will reliably hide your vehicle from detection as before and you can use it confidently!

Objects disappearing in night vision devices

This problem might have been observed by owners of the T-90A that has the “Shtora-1” system installed together with a night vision device. During the joint operation of a night vision device and a laser warning system in night battles at a certain angle, objects such as rocks and even pillboxes might disappear!

The “Shtira-1” is a great system that is worth researching on the T-90A but such an “X-ray” is not on the list of its legitimate features so we fixed the disappearance of objects. We are sure that this will not affect the effectiveness of the vehicle with its menacing look.

3rd person gun aiming failure

The next problem covers a much larger circle of tankers and manifests itself in a complete refusal to control your cannon when using 3rd person view. This unpleasant effect could be achieved by switching between different observation modes: binoculars, gunner view and commander view that appeared on many vehicles in the “Red Skies” update.

So now, we are bringing you back to full battle capability. The bug has been found and fixed!

Damage model change

In this update we fixed an annoying issue with the calculation of armour penetration in the cases of combined and layered armour when a projectile hits a joint of several plates, or in the area between ERA blocks. In reality, of course, ERA is not able to provide appropriate protection. But the issue was, that in such cases the calculated protection was even lower than those of passive armour behind the ERA elements. As a result, the upper front plate of many vehicles featured odd ‘gaps’ in small areas. The issue affected many vehicles with combined armour, especially Soviet MBTs. It’s fixed now! We’ve also fixed the armour penetration issue of HE rounds of small calibre, when their explosive parameters were obviously lower than the thickness of the armour at the hit point.

A new format for keeping your configuration files

We’d like to share with you some really good news concerning an infrastructure change that improves the game’s stability and reduces required RAM resources. Recently, we moved to a new format for storing configuration files. This change saves up to 200 MB of RAM, which is especially important for consoles, as well as weaker PCs in long and intense gaming sessions

Exit freeze

In some situations, a client might stop responding when leaving battle. Once again, thanks to your complete bug reports on our forums, we’ve managed to discover the reason and solve this issue. Thank you very much! Most fixes like this one are only possible thanks to your assistance with error reports.

The changes you feel

For this digest we have prepared a large set of useful fixes and game improvements. Be sure to read the full list which we have prepared in the separate changelog – there are many interesting things.

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted in our bug report section on the War Thunder forums.

Update 23.06.2021 (

Fixed a bug where objects might disappear from a location at certain view angles, when using laser warning systems and night vision devices
Fixed a bug that caused a client freeze when leaving a battle.
Fixed a bug that made an enemy tank silhouette visible through a smoke screen in tank Arcade when pointing the gun marker at it .
Fixed a bug that disabled third-person view tank gun control after switching view between binoculars and commander sight (report[])
Excessive armour penetration of DM11A1, DM13, and M266 anti-aircraft belts has been fixed.
Fixed a bug where firing rounds were visible on Dardo IFV from the gunner’s view when firing on the go.
Missing notification when a player is unable to respawn in battle in a vehicle has been fixed.
Item exchange from the “Red Skies” trophy is now available for console players

Ground vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

Armour areas vulnerable to low calibre projectiles on the T-80BVM tank have been fixed.
Leopard 2A4, Challenger 2, Challenger 2 (2F), Т-72А, Т-72АВ TURMS-T — a bug where a projectile might ignore certain layers of the combined armour has been fixed .
A bug with a projectile ignoring certain armour layers when hitting between ERA blocks has been fixed.
Olifant Mk.2, TTD – smoke grenades type has been corrected.
115mm 3BM28 round — round type has been corrected to full-body APFSDS made of depleted uranium, armour penetration values have been corrected accordingly.
23mm HEFI-T round for AZP-23 gun — explosives type and weight corrected from 8g TNT to 13g A-IX-2
30mm HEFI, HEFI-T rounds for 2А42, 2А72, 2А38 guns — explosive’s type has been corrected from TNT to A-IX-2
115mm round 3BK15M — initial velocity has been corrected from 800m/s to 1,060m/s
115mm round 3BM21 — initial velocity has been corrected from 1,620m/s to 1,600m/s
115mm rounds 3BM3, 3BM4 — shell weight has been specified in the infocard from 5.55kg to 4 kg. Previously, the weight was indicated with a sabot.
Speed drop at distance has been specified for the following rounds:23mm AP-I, HEFI-T for AZP-23 gun
30mm AP-I, HEFI, HEFI-t for 2А42, 2А72, 2А38 guns
100mm HE 3OF32 round
120mm HEATFS OCC 120 G1, DM12, M830, M830A1 rounds
125mm HE rounds 3OF19, 3OF26, DTB-125
125mm HEATFS 3BK12, 3BK18M, DTP-125 rounds
125mm APFSDS 3BM9. 3BM15, 3BM22 rounds

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

J5N1 – a bug has been fixed that displayed armoured glass as steel in the armour view tab.
A129CBT – a bug has been fixed that prevented installation of the BGM-71D TOW-2 anti-tank missiles
Brigand B 1 – a bug has been fixed that caused duplication of the rocket and bomb presets in the suspended armament menu
He 111 H-16 – a bug has been fixed with the missing AP round in the description of the turret-mounted 20mm MG FF/M gun.
Yer-2 (ACh-30B) (e) – a bug has been fixed with the missing AP round in the description of the turret-mounted 20mm ShVAK gun.
F-104S – a bug has been fixed with the required modification to install specific sets of suspended armament.
Mi-24 – incorrect pylons for S-24 and S-8 rockets have been fixed.
M24A1 gun – rate of fire has been corrected from 1,500 to 750 rpm
Uncle Tom rocket – explosive weight has been corrected from 11.97 to 51.25 kg (report[])
37mm HEFI-T round of the N-37 gun — explosive’s weight has been corrected from 34 to 37g.
Fuse delay has been reduced for the following rounds:20mm HE-I, HEI-T, HE rounds for ShVAK and B-20 guns
23mm HEFI-t rounds for GSh-23, NS-23, NR-23 guns
23mm HEFI-T and HE-I rounds of the VYa-23 and PTB-23 guns
37mm HEFI-T round of the N-37 gun
45mm HEFI-T round of the NS-45 gun
20mm HI, HE-I rounds of the Hispano guns

Fleets model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

RN Etna — traverse angles of the main calibre turrets have been increased.
Leipzig, Nürnberg — stern main calibre turrets now able to rotate for 360 degrees.The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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