Update 0.10.6. — “Dutch Cruisers: Part 1”

Update 0.10.6. — “Dutch Cruisers: Part 1”

Please note that the servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the release of an update. The schedule is available below.
Maintenance times are tentative and subject to change. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences.

15.07.2021 05:00—08:00 UTC+8
2021-07-14 21:00—23:59 UTC
14.07.2021 05:00—10:00 MSK (UTC+3)
2021-07-14 02:00—07:00 UTC
15.07.2021 07:00—10:00 CEST (UTC+2)
2021-07-15 05:00—08:00 UTC
14.07.2021 03:00 AM—06:00 AM PT (UTC–7)
2021-07-14 10:00—13:00 UTC

The new update will go live some time after it’s been downloaded because the client and server sides are updated separately. While the client begins to update immediately, it takes time for the servers to be updated across all regions.

If there are problems with downloading or launching the update—please perform files integrity check.

Subtitles can be enabled in the video player separately.

Dutch Tier IV–IX cruisers have arrived in Early Access. The new ships are effective at short and medium ranges. They also have a new armament type—Airstrike.
Two seasons of Brawls await you.
Various visual and technical improvements have been implemented, including the updated combat mission interface and AI improvements for bots.

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The “Dutch Cruisers: Part 1”

Dutch Tier IV–IX cruisers have arrived in Early Access.

Features of the branch

These ships have good maneuverability and concealment, but don’t have great firing range.
The Tier VIII–X cruisers are armed with main battery guns that have impressive calibers for cruisers:
VIII Haarlem—203 mm
IX Johan de Witt—240 mm
X Gouden Leeuw—283 mmAt higher tiers, the new cruisers have solid armor that provides decent protection against HE shells.
The Hydroacoustic Search, Fighter, and Spotting Aircraft consumables are available from Tier IV.
Fighter and Spotting Aircraft are not available for VIII Haarlem, IX Johan de Witt or X Gouden Leeuw.Defensive AA Fire and the Repair Party consumable with improved reload time are available from Tier VIII.
The new Airstrike armament is available from Tier VI.


Airstrike is a new type of armament that’s set to make its first appearance on Dutch cruisers. It allows you to call in aircraft that bombard the specified area with HE bombs. Airstrike was created based on the low altitude bombing principle that was actually used in battle. Bombs dropped from aircraft in this manner had drogue parachutes which slowed their descent.

Operating principle:

When you activate Airstrike by pressing 4, an aiming reticle appears. This represents the location the bombers will strike. The strike area is comparablepa in size to two battleships.
Clicking the left mouse button calls in a squadron that bombards the specified area after a certain period of time. The aircraft cannot spot enemies and cannot be directly controlled.

The bombs have drogue parachutes which slow their descent.
The indicator near the drop area shows how long it will take for the bombs to reach the target after the aircraft are called in. Airstrike is most efficient against targets with low maneuverability and ships sheltering behind islands.

Preparation of Airstrike begins at the start of each battle, similar to the loading of main battery guns and torpedo launchers. Tier VI–VII cruisers can call in only one attacking squadron, while Tier VIII–X cruisers can call in two squadrons. The armament is reloaded in successive order. Airstrike has a maximum operating distance of 10–13 km, depending on the ship tier.

When using Airstrike, you should take the long descent time of the bombs into account. It’s best to deploy this armament against low-mobility targets such as battleships and large cruisers. You can also use it to strike any enemy ships that might think they are safely hiding behind the cover of islands.

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The reward can be claimed before: Mon. 26 Jul. 15:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Watch our official streams and participate in the Public Test and other activities to earn Community Tokens. In total, you’ll be able to find up to 1,630 Community Tokens on our website until the end of Update 0.10.6.

How to get the Dutch cruisers

Complete combat mission groups and earn a new temporary resource—Dutch Tokens . The reward for completing the second combat mission group is V Celebes, and the final reward for the last combat mission group is VII Eendracht. For the first and third groups, you’ll receive the Kinderdijk Windmill  patch and the “Dutch Cruisers: Part 1” commemorative flag, respectively.

Even more Dutch Tokens can be obtained from random bundles available for Doubloons, free daily bundles, and bundles that are available in exchange for Community Tokens in the Armory.

You can purchase sequentially available bundles using Dutch Tokens in the Armory. These bundles include: IV De Ruyter, VI Kijkduin, and VIII Haarlem with Commanders and Port slots; permanent camouflages for VII Eendracht, VIII Haarlem, IX Johan de Witt, and X Gouden Leeuw; and other desirable rewards!

So, you can get the following rewards free of charge:
V Celebes and VII Eendracht—by completing all combat mission groups.
IV De Ruyter, VI Kijkduin, and the Royal Netherlands Navy permanent camouflage for VII Eendracht—by collecting all Tokens that can be earned by completing combat mission groups.
The Royal Netherlands Navy permanent camouflage for VIII Haarlem—by additionally collecting Tokens from free bundles and bundles that are available in exchange for Community Tokens.
Rewards from random bundles available for Doubloons: IX Johan de Witt with a 10-skill-point Commander and Port slot; Dutch Tokens; Flying Dutchman, Asian Lantern, Mosaic, and Spring Sky expendable camouflages; and special signals.

The Port of Rotterdam has been added to celebrate the event.

With the release of Update 0.10.8, Dutch cruisers will become available for all players to research. Dutch Tokens will be converted into Credits at the rate of 1:60,000.


Two seasons of Brawls await you in Update 0.10.6. Brawls are open to all players, even if a player isn’t currently in a Clan.

Third Brawl

Starts: Mon. 19 Jul. 10:00 CEST (UTC+2)
Ends: Mon. 26 Jul. 03:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Format: 3 vs. 3, playing Tier VII ships.

Restrictions: no more than one ship of each type per team.

Fourth Brawl

Starts: Mon. 02 Aug. 10:00 CEST (UTC+2)
Ends: Mon. 09 Aug. 03:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Format: 3 vs. 3, playing Tier VI ships.

Restrictions: no more than one ship of each type per team. The ship-type compositions of each team won’t necessarily mirror each other.

The following conditions apply to both Brawls:

Prime Times:
ASIA 01:00 — 18:00 UTC
CIS 06:00 — 23:00 UTC
EU 08:00 — 01:00 UTC
NA 16:00 — 09:00 UTCYou can take part in the Brawl only during the time period specified for your server.
Maps and modes: Big Race, Shatter, Northern Waters, Loop, and Crash Zone Alpha in Domination mode; Two Brothers in the Epicenter mode.

Rewards for each Brawl: up to 10,000 Coal; 2,250,000 Credits; 80,000 Elite Commander XP; and 76 combat and economic signals.

You’ll find a detailed description of the new Brawls in a dedicated article. Stay tuned for more news on our website!


Hall of Fame

A “Hall of Fame” tab has been added to the “Clan Battles” section. Winners of the previous seasons of Clan Battles in each region will be shown there.

Division Star

Throughout Update 0.10.6, players will have access to special victory bonuses in the form of Division Stars. These are available for members of Clans.

You can get a Division Star by playing in a Division with your Clanmates.
A Star is issued to each member of a Division for the first victory gained by that Division during Update 0.10.6.
The Stars can be earned in all battle types, except for Training Battles.
A certain number of earned Stars unlocks access to various rewards.
If you switch Clans, any Stars and rewards you previously received remain with you.
To see the roster of Clanmates who you can team up with in a Division, as well as the list of rewards you can get, navigate to the Division Star tab in the Clans section.

List of rewards


The new Floating permanent camouflage for X Somers has been added and made available in exchange for 3 Clan Tokens.

Added Dutch Commander Dasha Perova with 10 skill points. The Commander is available for 1,500 Doubloons.

Content Additions and Changes

Added the Grigio-azzurro chiaro permanent camouflage for X Napoli.

Added new Dutch Commander Michiel de Ruyter with the following enhanced skills:
For destroyers, cruisers, and battleships—Pyrotechnician: +1.5% to the chances of setting a target on fire when hitting it with HE shells (by default: +1%).
For cruisers and battleships—Expert AA Marksman: +35% to AA damage in the priority sector (by default: +25%).
Details on how to get these items will be announced later.Added the Distant Voyages container. It can be obtained during the upcoming Summer Sale.

The Saint Petersburg Port has been decorated to celebrate Navy Day.

With the release of Update 0.10.6, IX Friesland will cease to be available. In Update 0.10.7 she’ll be replaced with IX Groningen, which is identical to Friesland. She’ll be available for 1,000,000 Free XP and for 19,300 Doubloons. With the release of Update 0.10.7, owners of Friesland will be able to replace the ship with Groningen in the “Inventory” section. This can be done until the release of Update 0.10.8.

Other Changes and Improvements

Visual and other enhancements
The combat mission interface has been updated

Added a new type of combat mission that allows players to choose one of two rewards after completing it. This means that you can choose a reward that you like or need rather than obtain a predetermined reward. If no reward is chosen, the first reward will be credited after the mission expires.
Priority missions are now highlighted. This will help you notice important missions or mission chains, such as those dedicated to certain activities, that offer valuable rewards, or that have a short duration.
The tooltip now shows the exact expiration time of the mission.
Fixed a number of errors that caused problems with how combat missions were displayed in the corresponding Port tab and on the post-battle statistics screen.Missions that allow players to choose the reward, as well as highlighted priority tasks, will appear in the activities of future updates.

Updated the AI of bots

They can now adjust their speed to avoid torpedoes.
Reduced the likelihood of bots colliding with islands in Training and Co-op battles, as well as in Operations.
In Co-op battles, bots will try to change their course if there’s a risk of colliding with other ships, rather than lower their speed or move astern.This change will result in more realistic behavior for bots.

Game balance changes

We’ve made some changes to the parameters of certain ships based on our analysis of their battle efficiency and player feedback. These changes were required in order to carefully adjust the balance of selected warships. Further changes may follow in future updates, should they be required.

Summary of Changes

VIII Gustav-Julius Maerker
Detectability range by sea reduced from 8.1 to 8 km. Other detectability values were reduced accordingly. IX Felix Schultz
Detectability range by sea reduced from 8.2 to 8.1 km. Other detectability values were reduced accordingly. VII Leberecht Maass
Main battery reload time increased from 4 to 4.2 seconds. VIII Fenyang
Main battery reload time reduced from 4.9 to 4.7 seconds. VI Queen Elizabeth
Main battery gun 180-degree traverse time reduced from 72 to 54.5 s. VIII Monarch
Standard main battery firing range increased from 16.5 to 17 km. VI Leander, VII Fiji
Main battery reload time increased from 7.7 to 8 seconds. VIII Edinburgh
Main battery reload time increased from 7.5 to 7.7s. VII Jervis
Detectability range by sea increased from 7.2 to 7.3 km Other detectability values were increased accordingly. VIII Baltimore
Surveillance Radar consumable action time reduced from 30 to 27 s. VII Shchors
Standard main battery firing range increased from 15.2 to 15.7 km. VI Andrea Doria
Maximum SAP shell damage increased from 9,900 to 10,250.

Other changes

In Update 0.10.5, the mechanic that determines the contents of containers was changed—this is now determined at the point in time when the container is opened. This will prevent situations where players could receive a unique item for the second time if the container hadn’t been opened immediately after it was received and the player had already obtained the item from the container.
In Clan Battles, when a cyclone appears, various weather effects will be displayed on maps.
Updated the button and animation for receiving rewards in the “Daily Rewards” section.
Optimized the performance of the game client with a large list of contacts or large blacklist.
For displays with a resolution of 1920х1080 or higher, the size of the mouse cursor now becomes larger proportional to the screen resolution.
Fixed an error that caused Co-op battles to take place with no more than two players on each team.
Fixed an error that prevented the priority target for secondary guns from being selected by clicking on the ship icon when the alternative battle interface mode was enabled.
The fighters of X Yamato, X ARP Yamato, X Shikishima, IX Ibuki and X Zaō, as well as the Spotting Aircraft of most ships, now launch from catapults a bit faster.
Updated the icons of certain expendable and permanent camouflages. They now better match the look of camouflages.
Added a confirmation tooltip when converting XP from ships into Free XP or exchanging Doubloons for Credits.
Other improvements and changes. For a complete list, please refer to Player Support.Thank you for being an attentive reader! Click “Collect Your Gift” to claim 1 day of Warships Premium Account. The day of Warships Premium Account will start immediately after you click the button.

The reward can be claimed before: Mon. 02 Aug. 15:00 CEST (UTC+2)

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