It’s fixed! №14 + Update

It’s fixed! №14 + Update

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder on the website special section[].

Aiming through smoke

Downed enemies often resort to use smoke screens hoping to hide from you and gain some time for repair. An honest tactic but when the aiming marker hit the smoke, the vehicle’s sight shifted and this prevented you from continuing to fire even on an immobilized enemy whose position was still known!

The smoke literally became an object to which the guidance marker reacted. As the smoke was located close to the target, the crosshair appeared to shift downward when observed from the 3rd person view due to the parallax displacement, causing inconvenience to many tankers.

Now your aiming marker will rest on the landscape behind the smoke which will eliminate the problem described above which is especially annoying in vehicles with a slow elevation aiming speed.

Scouting through the commander sight

Glory to light tanks! Soldiers in these vehicles are very useful on the battlefield, because they can help extinguish fires and have a scouting function that marks the location of a spotted enemy on the mini-map for the entire team.

Due to an oversight, this function didn’t operate if you tried to mark an enemy tank through the new commander sights. We fixed it last Friday – so use it!

Continuing to refine hull guidance

For the last “It’s fixed” we completed a major redesign of the hull guidance mechanics and received a lot of positive feedback on the work, but there are still some minor issues and we continue to work on them.

The list of improvements this time is quite long and you will find it in the changelog, but for now the key improvements and fixes are:Fixed an error in aiming at a point when the commander ordered aiming from binoculars.
Improved control and removal of sight jitter at high pings.
Eliminated the possibility of hull guidance during repair and with a broken engine.
Fixed VT1-2 camera shake when guiding with the second gun selected.Thank you for your feedback and comments, thanks to which we were able to fix many problems in a short time!

Torpedo is a traitor

You can not damage allies with fire from your weapons in naval battles. But it seems that torpedoes didn’t know this and in some cases, for example, if you changed vehicle after launching a torpedo it might hit and destroy your teammate!

The bug has been fixed. We are sorry if it affected you.

Improving the task interface

A small improvement on the eve of the new Battle Pass season. Now, the tasks with an expired date will clearly and visibly stand out in the interface as inactive.

By the way don’t forget about the option to add interesting tasks and challenges to your favorites to monitor their completion in the main hangar screen.

More improvements

For this digest we have prepared a large set of useful fixes and game improvements. Be sure to read the full list which we have prepared in the separate changelog – there are many interesting things.

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted in our bug report section on the War Thunder forums.


Improvements and fixes Blurring effect at the edges of the screen has been improved for the shell chasing camera.
Expiration dates for achievements now displayed in red, if the achievement has not completed in the required time.
Inactive expired challenges in the Battle Pass now displayed in a grey color and with a corresponding icon.
Sight markers for ground vehicles now won’t shift while aiming through smoke.
A bug has been fixed that caused torpedoes to damage friendlies in Naval battles.
A bug has been fixed that caused vehicle “trembling” while hull aiming with a high ping.
A bug has been fixed that made it possible for vehicles with hull aiming mechanics to turn with a damaged engine or while repairing.
A bug has been fixed that caused a gun on a vehicle with hull aiming to aim incorrectly and continue swinging after pointing the aim point via binoculars.
Strv 103С — a bug has been fixed that reduced elevation angles in hull aiming mode.
VT1-2 — a bug has been fixed that caused shaking while selecting a second (right) gun while aiming from a slope.
VT1-2 — a bug has been fixed that allowed hull aiming at unacceptable speeds (report[]).
A bug has been fixed where when viewing a replay in Naval battles, pressing engine control buttons might cause the sound of changing vessel speed.
“password_mask_char” won’t appear anymore in the password field in the login screen.
The distance for viewing shells falling in the shell chase camera has been reduced.
A bug has been fixed that prevented completion of historical campaigns “To Scratch One Flat-Top”, “American Strike” and “Fate of Hiryū” in RB mode.
A bug has been fixed with crosshair marks on ground vehicles that might overlap the indication of a distance.
A rare bug that disabled gun control has been fixed.Ground vehicles model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes: Type 60 ATM — Previously overestimated repair time for the anti-aircraft machine gun and ATGM launchers has been reduced.
E.B.R. (1954) — The values and number of gear ratios have been updated in order to increase the cross-country ability.
Rooikat (all modifications) — The values and number of gear ratios have been updated in order to increase the cross-country ability.
Object 906 — The vehicle in test drive now corresponds to the postwar period.
IS-7 — Camera rotation by 180 degrees when selecting fixed and firing rear facing machine guns on a vehicle turret has been removed.
Warrior, 9P157-2 — Gear ratios to eliminate jerking (between “I” and “N” gears) turning on the spot, have been adjusted.
T-72 (all modifications) — The order of the ammo consumption has been corrected (previously one of the shells in the rear part of the turret was used as the last one).
M60A3 TTS, M60A3 TTS (China), Type 61, SU-122-54 — The order of the ammo consumption has been corrected.Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes: Whirlwind Mk I, Whirlwind P.9 — A bug with the displaying of the aircraft armour in the X-Ray view has been fixed.
B-25 (all modifications) — Aircraft armour has been corrected. Armour material has been changed from “steel” to “duralumin”.
F-5A, F-5C — A bug that could make the aircraft keel to tear off together with engines has been fixed.
Ki-49 (all modifications) — a bug that caused the gunner of the lower turret being able to fire through the fuselage has been fixed (report[]).
F9F-5 — The AN/APG-30 radio rangefinder has been added.
PV-2D — Mechanism for protecting aircraft keels from fire from the upper turret has been corrected. Turret fire no longer bends around keels when aiming. Instead of this the possibility to fire will be blocked .
F-1 — Ballistic calculator for bombs has been added (report[]).
Mi-35M — A bug with the black area on the edges of the ATGM sight. Has been fixed.Fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes: Pr.123-bis, Pr.123K, Pr.123K (A-11) — Lack of dead zones when aiming cannons has been fixed (report[]).
Emden — Traverse angles on the main calibre turrets have been corrected.VR Performance in VR mode with streamer mode turned off has been improved.
A bug that caused SteamVR to crash after exiting the game has been fixed.
Cockpit shake when using Pimax helmets has been fixed.The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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