Warship Size Comparison: Aircraft Carriers in World of Warships

Warship Size Comparison: Aircraft Carriers in World of Warships

The dimensions of all aircraft carriers of every nation right on your displays!
Aircraft carriers cover allied ships from above, perform reconnaissance, and attack enemies with various types of squadrons.
This ship type doesn’t have main battery guns. Their primary striking force is attack aviation, bombers, and torpedo bombers. Aircraft carriers are perfect scouts that are capable of spotting even the stealthiest ships for their team.
We’re going to shed some light on those differences in our new video by showing you the aircraft carriers of all nations and comparing their sizes. We review and compare World of Warships aircraft carriers that were actually laid down, built, or launched in real life.
00:00 – U.S.A. Aircraft Carriers
Langley, Saipan, Ranger, Enterprise, Lexington, Midway
01:20 – Japanese Aircraft Carriers
Hōshō, Ryūjō, Kaga, Shōkaku
02:15 – U.K. Aircraft Carriers
Hermes, Indomitable, Implacable, Furious, Ark Royal, Audacious
03:40 – German Aircraft Carriers
Graf Zeppelin
04:00 – Carriers Sizes all nations


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