Best Replays 143: Tank Wars Special Edition

Best Replays 143: Tank Wars Special Edition


Welcome to a Best Replays special edition. This time, all 3 replays feature Tank Wars vehicles, including the

signed up to

Tank Wars Round 4

for easy stage rewards including 3 days of premium time, and more!

All of the featured replays were submitted by the community and received the

incredibly rare “BRW” 2D style

as a reward for making it onto the show. The winner gets


, and the runner-up takes home


! Want to be among the lucky few and submit your best replays for awesome gameplay in any vehicle?

Learn how to join in!

Subtitles are only available in English. Please use the auto-translate feature by clicking the settings icon

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How to Take Part and Win Big



“BRW” 2D Style


/ 6

Tank Wars Round 4: Join the Action

Available until

August 2

at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

The latest Tank Wars is here! This time, the French

great tech tree discounts on 10 vehicles

leading up to and including both hero tanks. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of these unique discounts, complete missions as you fight for your team, and

unlock awesome Stage Rewards

. There are crew skins, Premium days,  Personal Reserves, and more up for grabs!


Now it’s your time to shine on the battlefield. Pick your favorite tank,

make sure replays are enabled in the client

, and head into battle for some great tank action. We’re looking forward to your submissions! And who knows—you might just be among the featured players in one of our upcoming episodes!

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