The World of Warships Affiliate Program

The World of Warships Affiliate Program

👉🏻 Find out how to make money on your favorite game!
We’re here to tell you about our affiliate program, which allows you to earn money doing what you love!

If you operate your own YouTube channel or have a website or blog about World of Warships, video games, military history, or software (or are looking to create one), we have some good news for you! Now, you can not only delight your audience with amazing content, but also earn money from your hobby!
00:00 – Turn your hobby into money
00:40 – How does it work?
01:50 – Why is it beneficial?
02:10 – Join the Wargaming Affiliate Program and let your hobby work for you!


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website:

Quick start in WoWs for our subscribers:

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends


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