Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles | World of Warships

Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles | World of Warships

Submarines have made quite a journey, going through six open and a gazillion closed tests since they were first announced back in 2019. Adding a totally new type of ship to World of Warships requires extended testing by a wide and stable audience in Random Battles. Testing them on a standalone server or in a special game mode would simply not give us a broad enough picture.
However, we don’t want submarines to “surface” in the most populated type of battle just yet. It’s essential that we ensure they are properly tested first. To perform the test, we’ve settled on Ranked Battles as the most suitable and closest equivalent of Random Battles. The new Ranked season kicks off a week after the update goes live, but submarines will be accessible immediately after the release of Update 0.10.7. Co-op Battles will give you an opportunity to try the subs out in a more relaxed environment and get prepared for the new Ranked season.
00:00 – Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles
00:30 – Starting Out in a Submarine
00:45 – Controls
00:55 – Surfaced and submerged
01:10 – Dive capacity
02:30 – Acoustic homing torpedoes
04:00 – Nation-specific features
04:15 – U.S. submarines
04:35 – German submarines
05:00 – Playing against submarines
05:10 – How to avoid being hit by an Acoustic homing torpedo
05:45 – Attacking a submarine (depth charges, anti-submarine warfare aircraft, high-explosive shells)
06:35 – Surveillance Radar and Hydroacoustic Search


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