Referral Program: A New Season With Fresh Rewards!

Referral Program: A New Season With Fresh Rewards!

August is heating up and we’re turning up the gas for the grill! Get ready to recruit your friends and earn a Premium vehicle in the upcoming season of the Referral Program, Commanders!

August Heat

is full of surprises as it brings Season 8 of the Referral Program, which kicks off

on August 26

and runs

until December

. Before the new season launches, we updated the recruit reward pool to make it more valuable for both novices and returning veterans. We also reworked the “Receive a Medal” missions and replaced some medals with more achievable ones, so that you’ll be able to earn them with less effort. Get the lowdown on the changes below!


Recruit Reward Rebalancing

In the new season, we will replace bonds in the recruit reward pool with

new valuable prizes

that will be more useful to newcomers and help them boost their progress in the game. Instead of bonds, they’ll be able to earn Personal Reserves, Demounting Kits, days of World of Tanks Premium Account, Crew Books, and credits. These prizes are also coveted by veterans who are returning to World of Tanks and wish to continue researching vehicle branches. The full reward breakdown can be found in the widget below.

In Season 7, you can still receive bonds as a reward for completing Stages. But for completing all subsequent Stages of the upcoming season, you will receive prizes from the updated recruit reward pool.

Reworking the “Receive a Medal” Missions

We also reworked some of the most challenging

“Receive a Medal” missions

in order to make them more accessible. Now, there will be less time and effort required to complete these tasks. This resulted in the replacement of some Epic Medals and Battle Heroes achievements with other awards, in accordance with the simplified conditions. Check it out.

“Receive a Medal” Missions



New Season, New Premium Tanks

We added two new Premium vehicles to the pool of available rewards, bringing the total to 24 (12 for recruits and 12 for Commanders) to choose from! This season, you’ll have a chance to get your hands on:



Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf. G

, the most mass-produced modification of the German Panther tank. This decently armored Polish medium tank features good gun depression, high mobility, and a large health pool, which makes it an excellent support vehicle.


/ 12




/ 12

As always, you can choose to be compensated for the value of the tanks

in credits


About the Referral Program

Any player who has played 600 or more Random Battles in the game is able to become a Commander and invite Recruits.

You can be recruited by a Commander if any of the following conditions are met:

You are a newcomer to World of Tanks, or you have played 200 or fewer battles.

You haven’t played within the last 60 days.

It is worth noting that a Commander can also:

“adopt” a novice who has played fewer than 200 battles.

invite World of Tanks veterans who stopped playing back to the game.

Generate Your Personal Referral Link

Recruits should follow the invitation link that the Commander sent and join the Referral Program. After that, the Commander will have a Recruit card in the appropriate window.

Send Recruits to the Tank Bootcamp

Mastering the intricacies of World of Tanks isn’t easy. Of course, having an experienced Commander at one’s side is a great advantage and the main reason for the Referral Program.


additional instructions, a handy guide, and detailed explanations

can make the start for newcomers even smoother. We recently launched a video series for new recruits and everyone who would like to brush up on their World of Tanks knowledge:

the World of Tanks Bootcamp


Make sure to recommend the

Tank Bootcamp guide

to new recruits to give them the perfect start to World of Tanks.

Take Advantage of Your Free Slots

Don’t forget, you still have time to take advantage of your unused recruit slots

before August 26

! At the start of Season 8, we’ll credit you with

two new slots

. All unused recruit slots from the previous season will be removed.

If you have already used both slots, you will automatically be credited with two new slots

on August 26 08:00 CEST (UTC+2)

. Your progress on existing contracts and your current referral connections will be retained.

Recruit your friends, fight shoulder to shoulder, and redeem cool Premium vehicles together!

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