It’s fixed! №18

It’s fixed! №18

In this digest we would like to tell you about our continuing work on improvements and fixes in the game. You can find information about all updates that have been released in War Thunder on the website special section[].

Added display of the first-order ammo rack

First-order ammo racks are the shells that the loader, automatic loader or the drum of your tank dispenses into the cannon noticeable faster than usual. When not firing the first shell will be replenished from less accessible ammunition stowages located in the hull or/and on the floor of the battle compartment and the remaining number of shells in the first-order ammo rack can previously be viewed only through the X-Ray view. This was obviously not very convenient.

Now the remaining shells in the first-order ammo rack will be displayed on the right side of the damage panel! This improvement will be especially appreciated by tankers that have vehicles with automatic loaders, with drum type feeding of shells and with “fast stacking” such as the Challenger.

Removed hovering torpedoes

This might happen on any vessel equipped with torpedo launchers. The ammunition could literally go overboard and float next to your ship.

Doesn’t look particularly good. So we rushed to fix it and now the torpedoes shouldn’t leave the rails at least not until your direct command to “Launch!”.

Optimized the camouflage loading

In one of the recent updates, we brought back the “Download additional content only in the hangar” setting as we were able to resolve technical issues with this functionality.

In addition we have optimized the loading and storage of such content. To store the market camouflages we used a special location in the game’s directory and after completely filling it, we overwrote the saved camouflages with the new ones you purchased or encountered in a battle. We have expanded the maximum storage capacity for PC and Xbox clients.

Fixed some battle tasks

Battle tasks are an integral part of many events and other in-game achievements and that’s why they get special attention from many players. You may have noticed that some tasks with “destroy” requirements might not be credited to the vehicle that completed the task (in some rare cases), but to the next vehicle you selected.

Fixed! Now everything will be scored accurately and on the right vehicle in which the frag has been made.

Corrected targeting for a squad

The “Set target for squad” function allows you to send markers to your squad comrades without distracting the entire team. Convenient but this feature wasn’t working correctly when the “Gunner’s view camera” setting was switched on.

The mark continued to be placed along the line from the barrel’s bore and might bump into an obstacle along the path that wasn’t seen when viewing from the gunner’s sight.

Fixed inverted AGM control

Only two air-to-surface guided missiles suffered from this bug: The Rb05A and the AS-30. It manifested itself in the inversion of the control commands along the vertical axis. It was completely unfriendly and definitely wrong.

We have restored control. Have a good assault!


Improvements and fixes

The remaining ammo of the first stage ammo rack in ground vehicles is now indicated in the left bottom corner on the damage panel.
Option “Download additional content only in the hangar” has been added to the “Customization of vehicles” menu tab.
To optimize downloading of custom camouflages or those encountered in battle from the Market, the maximum volume of the data storage has been increased for PC and Xbox versions.
Camouflage card is now again displayed when hovering the cursor over the camo’s name with no need to open the full list of available camos.
In the “doubled fire control mode” while using a commander’s sight, synchronization of the camera and muzzle direction has been improved (report[]).
Target designation for the squad in the “Gunner’s view” has been improved. The marker is now set by the crosshair, independently from the gun position.
A bug has been fixed where any shot below the waterline in the protection analysis would damage the compartment in the bow of bluewater ships.
BR-350P shell — a bug has been fixed where when aiming at the turret roof of some tanks in the protection analysis, the data of the penetration probability changed cyclically.
A bug has been fixed where torpedoes and other auxiliary armament on naval craft might appear over the vessel.
A bug has been fixed where certain terms in the Battle tasks might count the most recent player vehicle instead of those which gained a frag.
Some time ago, we fixed an issue which would occur in tank RB mode where, while aiming at an enemy tank and pressing LT/L2 to zoom in, the sight could lock onto an enemy aircraft, with the gun turning after it. Unfortunately, as reported to us through your feedback, this issue migrated to the tank AB mode. The bug has now been fixed for all game modes.

Ground vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

100 mm 3OF70 — Shell mass has been changed from 15.8 to 13.41 kg.

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

A-26B-10, A-26B-50, A-26C-45, A-26C-45DT — A bug that allowed the lower aft turret to fire through the fuselage of the aircraft has been fixed. Dead zone angles have been corrected.
Ju 87 (all modifications) — A bug where the landing gear on the aircraft remained in the air after the wing was detached has been fixed (report[]).
Breda 88 (P.XI) – Separate bomb drop has been added for the 50 and 100 kg bombs.
Me 262 C-2b – A bug that caused the engine name for the rocket booster to be duplicated in the X-Ray view has been fixed (report[]).
J35D – Ammunition for the 30 mm Akan m/55 cannon has been changed from 90 to 100 shots per barrel (report[]).
A2D – Take off from the aircraft carrier has been added.
Rb05A missile, AS-30 – A bug which led to inverting the control vertically has been fixed (report[]).

Fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

RN Aviere – Information about the year of ship’s modification has been fixed in its vehicle card.
120-mm/50 O.T.O. Mod.1936 cannon – The names of the shells for the cannon have been corrected in the English game client (they were previously in Cyrillic letters).
HMS Churchill – Number of the torpedoes in the weaponry preset with depth bombs has been corrected.

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The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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