Waterline: What’s Happening Next? | World of Warships

Waterline: What’s Happening Next? | World of Warships

Submarines, superships, and other activities!
Check out the fourth episode of Waterline to get the lowdown on what’s coming your way in the near future. We discuss the new graphics update, plans for submarines, a new ship branch, a new temporary mode, and much more!

00:00 – Waterline: What’s happening next in World of Warships?
00:12 – 6th Anniversary of World of Warships
00:55 – New game modes: asymmetric combat, convoys
01:45 – New tier III – X German battleships
03:00 – What if? Superships
04:20 – The future of submarines
05:10 – Graphics update
06:15 – Battleship Novorossiysk
06:45 – British dockyard
07:10 – Stream announcement

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