Tankfest Online 2021: Sherman vs T-34 Video

Tankfest Online 2021: Sherman vs T-34 Video



American M4 Sherman

and the

Soviet T-34

are easily two of the most

famous tanks

of the 20th century. They were admired for their reliability and feared for their firepower. It is no surprise that at least two of them are still in working and firing conditions to this date. They are both a part of

the tank collection at DriveTanks.com in Texas, USA,

and when you get the opportunity to

live fire two iconic vehicles

, it’s a chance not to be missed!


Richard “The Challenger” Cutland

in Texas as he gets hands-on with two of the most produced tanks of the Second World War. How will their

main armament and machine guns

fare against

armor plates, watermelons, cars

, and many other everyday items?

Tune in for an explosive treat

and enjoy this light-hearted and very practical look at the two legends that are

the M4 Sherman and the T-34


A trailer for the video was shown during

Tankfest Online 2021

. Check out the live stream on




if you missed the event.

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