HotFix: Graphics Update Review World of Warships

HotFix: Graphics Update Review World of Warships

Stay with us for details of upcoming changes and future plans.
World of Warships was released back in 2015. As the available technology has continued to evolve since the game’s launch, the game itself has also evolved with numerous updates and improvements. One of the most important elements of a game is its visuals, and World of Warships is by no means an exception. With Update 0.10.10, we’re launching a large-scale overhaul of the in-game graphics. That’s what we’re going to talk about today, while also looking back at some of the most significant changes that we’ve made over the past few years.
00:00 — Trailer of HotFix: Graphics Update Review
00:38 — Why do we need to update the graphics?
01:22 — How will the maps be updated?
02:30 — What are the features of the new water?
04:35 — Is the new water close to reality already?
05:20 — What did the shift to DIRECTX 11 bring?
07:15 — “Does the sun shine the same for everyone?”
10:25 — How can you add a real volcano to a map?
11:45 — Is it going to shtorm?
12:55 — Is the reticle swinging?
13:40 — Why did the water remain “unrealistic” for so long??
14:15 — What’s underwater?
16:30 — Why were the trees changed?
17:40 — Is it time to buy a new rig?
20:05 — Will there be any icing on the cake?
20:30 — Will all of this appear in the game at once or gradually?


🔊 Let’s dive into the details of these and other changes!

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