Meet Major Update “Ground Breaking”!

Meet Major Update “Ground Breaking”!


Our latest major update ‘Groundbreaking’ brings many improvements to all areas of the game! Including new maps, visual effects, and various new vehicles – and lets not forget our new game nation – Israel! Currently hosting the premium Spitfire LF Mk.IXe and A-4E late. The biggest feature coming in this update though is of course terramorphing – now bombs, large caliber guns and tanks wielding dozer blades can modify and shape the terrain and alter the course of battle!


Terramorphing []mechanics have been added. Terrain and soil now interact with caterpillars and dozer blades on vehicles, bombs and rocket explosions leave craters on the terrain surfaces.


10 new or upgraded aircraft, new guided bombs and targeting pods.


Spitfire LF Mk IXe[]

Ground vehicles

11 new vehicles including 3 lightweight armoured weapons carrier from the Wiesel family, and the Ystervark, a South African mobile anti-air unit.

Wiesel series[]


Naval Fleet

Two new ships, the nimble USS Mitscher with automatic 127 mm guns, and the gigantic HMS Marlborough with ten 343 mm canons!

HMS Marlborough[]

USS Mitscher (DL-2)[]

New locations

3 new maps, Aral Sea for mixed battles in a deserted seaside city, Bourbon island for aerial arcade battles and Vyborg Bay for coastal fleet.

Aral Sea[]

Bourbon island[]

Vyborg Bay[]

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