Sea Smackdown: Yamato | World of Warships

Sea Smackdown: Yamato | World of Warships

The first episode of our rebooted series delivers exhilarating footage from the decks of the Japanese Tier X battleship.
Sea Smackdown is back to showcase the finest plays and most astonishing battle results achieved by the World of Warships community!
The star of our first video is legendary Japanese battleship Yamato. Join us to find out who among you has managed to score the highest marks in all six categories—damage, ships sunk, potential damage, best salvo, aircraft destroyed, and best moment—at the helm of this Tier X titan.
00:00 — Sea Smackdown: Yamato
01:36 — Maximum per salvo
03:47 — Maximum damage
05:50 — Maximum ships sunk
07:55 — Maximum potential damage
The heroes of our first episode are players:
⚡️ Maximum per salvo
bulldobattler (EU), ArksBR (NA), mordwin_73 (RU), Kulmar13 (EU), mcgibe (NA), TemenEs (EU)
⚡️ Maximum damage
Full_Dragon (EU)
⚡️ Maximum ships sunk
KadisReijer (RU)
⚡️ Maximum potential damage
KatsuragiKai (NA)
⚠ You will obtain the reward within the following week!

Want to be featured on Sea Smackdown?
Several times each month on our website and social media pages, we’ll announce the ships you must helm for your replay to be considered for the next episodes. If you think you may have qualified for one of the categories aboard one or more of these ships, then we’re eagerly awaiting your replays! Players whose battles are featured in our show will receive valuable rewards.

For more information on how to send us your replays, click here — Sea Smackdown: We Are Waiting for Your Replays | Kagerō v.10.10 –
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