Competition – Find the Differences

Competition – Find the Differences

Soldiers! Intelligence needs you to find the differences between these pictures!
We do not know the exact number, but it’s something between 1-10. Enemy spies have removed certain details from the bottom picture. We need your help to find them!

Spot the differences and list them in the comments below, like in this example:
1 – D4
2 – A11
3 – E2You have 24h! After that, we will check the comments and select 3 users at random that have posted the right answers and reward those people with 100GE each!


You can comment only once.
Copy/pasted comments will be ignored.
List only existing differences. If you list too many or not enough, you will be disqualified.
Reward will be added to your game account within 3 working days.
Do you like the tank? It’s a Jagdpanzer VI Jagdtiger (rank V, Germany) in the special ‘Wutend’ camouflage (camo available on the game market).

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