Leclerc SXXI: Knight’s Helm

Leclerc SXXI: Knight’s Helm

The new top-tier French Leclerc SXXI MBT features improved turret armor and a new panoramic commander sight.

Leclerc SXXI, Main Battle Tank, France, Rank VII

Improved turret protection
Commander panoramic sight with thermal imager
Expansion of the top-tier tank setup in the French tech tree to three MBTs
The new version of the tank, the Leclerc SXXI, that will appear in the next major update of War Thunder, will become the third modern MBT for high rank battles. It differs from the S2 version by the new combined panoramic sight of the commander, with a thermal imager in addition to the nimble laser rangefinder. The geometry of the turret of the SXXI was redesigned, resulting in slightly increased overall protection of the turret against hits at the frontal angles.

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