Israeli Ground Forces CBT Early Access Packs!

Israeli Ground Forces CBT Early Access Packs!

Check out the early access packs available for the Israeli ground forces CBT that starts in the next major update after “Winged Lions”!

In the “Winged Lions” update we launched the aviation CBT for Israel. In the next major update we will start the closed beta testing of the Israeli armored forces! Each Early Access Pack guarantees early access to the beta testing, and until it starts you will be able to master your crews in all vehicle slots. Early Access Pack vehicles will have 3 free respawns in Arcade and Realistic battles in War Thunder.


The M-51 will be a premium rank IV tank and one of the first representatives of a separate tech tree of the Israeli armored vehicles. The M-51 hull was borrowed from the American Sherman tank, so at rank IV the tank lacks armor protection, but the M-51 is able to withstand the hits from automatic guns of ground vehicles, aircraft cannons and is relatively well protected from the explosions of small and medium bombs.

The key advantage of this tank is a French-made 105mm cannon with powerful HEAT shells that are used on the French AMX-30 tanks. Composite or ERA protection are very rare for armored vehicles of this range, therefore the M-51 shape-charge rounds are able to pierce the armor of almost any tank, but due to the focused action of the shell, it requires careful aiming at the enemy’s critical modules – ammo racks, engine, gun breech, or crew.

Merkava Mk.2D

The Merkava Mk.2D will be a rank VI Premium tank in the ground vehicles research tree for Israel. The vehicle retains all the advantages of its predecessor, the Mk.2B – a laser rangefinder, a thermal imager in the gunner’s sight, laser warning and effective anti-tank ammunition.

The main difference in the new tank is the improved protection of the turret’s sides and the hull’s front upper glacis. The sides of the turret are reinforced with modules of combined armor that are intended for additional protection of the turret from shape-charged weapons. Additional protective modules are also installed on the upper frontal part of the hull, increasing the protection for the driver. In game, the enhanced HEAT protection of the tank will become especially relevant for countering ATGM carriers, as well as helicopters, while effective HEAT and APFSDS shells will allow the new Merkava Mk.2D to easily destroy almost any enemy vehicle in battles.

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