Screenshot Competition – Slow but Sure!

Screenshot Competition – Slow but Sure!

Welcome to the 8th War Thunder Steam Screenshot Competition!

Over 100 screenshots with a carnival theme! Who needs fireworks when you have crazy decals and aerobatic smoke?! We have selected three of the best screenshots, another three were selected by you! Every winner will get 300GE! We will see you all in 7 days with the latest edition’s winners announcement!

Before we announce 7th edition winners, let’s begin the 8th edition of our competition!

Create a stunning screenshot and submit it on the War Thunder Steam Community Hub (link for instructions) with the tag #WTscreen08. You have time until 10.01.2022 to submit your screenshot.
After that date, 6 winners will be selected (3 of which will be the highest rated by the community and 3 selected by our judges), each of which receive a reward of 300GE.

Important addition: Screenshot theme – Slow but Sure!

Your screenshot needs to be focused on the “Slow but Sure” theme. Heavy but slow tanks? Big bombers with even bigger bombs? Huge Dreadnoughts? Bring it on!
Screenshots need to be compliant with the War Thunder rules.
You need to be the author of the screenshot.
Screenshot needs to be new. You cannot use those which have previously been published or used in other competitions.
We will only accept raw screenshots from the game. You cannot use any editing software nor any other visual enhancements (like Nvidia Ansel).
You can use filters and settings built into War Thunder.
You can use the replay functionality built into War Thunder.
Rewards will be delivered to the author’s account within 7 working days.

And now, time for the winners of the competition’s 7th edition – Carnival!
Winners selected via community votes:

Winners selected by our judges:
Each winner will get 300GE! Congratulations and see you next week!

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