Community Giveaway

Community Giveaway

Commanders! We’re holding a special giveaway with guaranteed prizes!

How to Enter:

Leave a comment under this news item before the event ends. 
Play the game and complete Operation Killer Whale with any number of stars. The more stars you accumulate over any number of completions, the more gifts you’ll get!


Guaranteed prize: 200 Community Tokens
Prizes for:
25–39 stars accumulated: 1x More Resources daily container
40–54 stars accumulated: 2x More Resources daily containers
55+ stars accumulated: 2x More Resources daily containers + 1x Steam container Superprize for five random players with 55+ stars accumulated: Tier VIII battleship Tirpitz


Participants are scored based on the number of total stars obtained over any number of completions during the event.
The superprize winners will be picked at random from a pool of all participants with 55+ stars accumulated.
Any comments that break the discussion rules may be deleted or excluded.
We will announce the results in this thread on January 31. Prizes will be awarded within a week.
We wish you good luck and following seas!

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