Compensation for technical issue in 0.11.1

Compensation for technical issue in 0.11.1


As you already know, we discovered some bugs after the release of Update 0.11.1, among which were an increase in crashes and a longer loading time on startup, as well as the impossibility to open the Armory for some players. 

Our team has already found solutions to these problems and most of them were fixed last week with the release of patch

We’d like to thank you for your constructive feedback, which helped us to quickly identify these problems and begin working on fixes as swiftly as possible.

As compensation for the inconvenience caused, we’re crediting 2 Wargaming Containers, 10 Mediterranean Tokens, 2 Dragon, Red Dragon, Ouroboros and Hydra signals to all players who logged in to the game between February 16 and 25, as well as to everyone who encountered technical problems with the Armory between February 6 and 17.
Compensation will be credited to the accounts of all affected players within a week. Each Wargaming container drops 1 day of Warships Premium Account, 3x Papa Papa signals, and 3x Juliet Charlie signals.

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