Monthly Rundown: Birthday Presents and Specials in April

Monthly Rundown: Birthday Presents and Specials in April

Weekend Challenge

From April 1 through April 4: Complete easy and repeatable missions to earn large consumables to aid you in your toughest battles.


Large Consumables

Top of the Tree

From April 5 through May 5: Take advantage of April’s two Top of the Tree specials starting together to enjoy more vehicles, more discounts, and more rewards. Both the

progressive 3D style to earn. Start climbing the Tech Tree and discover an agile sniper and a punishing destroyer with a mounted turret.

World of Tanks’ 11th Birthday

From April 8 through April 12: It’s World of Tanks’ 11th birthday on the EU server! Mark the occasion by taking advantage of a wide range of in-game discounts and XP bonuses.


Gold Discounts

From April 11 through April 18: Join us for a familiar event featuring stage rewards and missions for plenty of in-game goodies, including customizations, consumables, and Premium Account days. Register from April 8 to instantly receive free customizations!


“Happy Birthday!” Decal


From April 15 through April 18: Tanks aren’t the only things that roll—eggs do, too! Hunt down hidden Eggstravaganza missions for decals and inscriptions to welcome springtime and Easter.


Egg-celent Customizations

Crew Is Crucial

From April 22 through April 25: Show how much you appreciate the men and women of your crews with plenty of gold discounts on crew items and a nice XP boost. Without them and their determination, your battles wouldn’t be the same.


Better Free XP to Crew XP Conversion

Tiger Day

On April 23: Join us on the official English World of Tanks Twitch channel for Tiger Day, brought to you from the Tank Museum at Bovington. Watch the stream—similar to last year’s Tankfest Online stream—to earn exciting Twitch Drops, including 3D styles, Premium tanks, and days of Premium Account.

XP Fever

From April 29 through May 2: XP Fever returns to crank up the heat! Sweat it out in a tier of your choosing to receive great XP rewards.


Extra XP for Everyone

WoT7 Tournament Finals

From April 30 through May 1: If you want to see some excellent tank action, tune in to the WoT7 Finals Streams—live on Twitch. Drops will be enabled for guaranteed rewards the longer you watch.

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