“Battle for Arachis”: Kfir C.2

“Battle for Arachis”: Kfir C.2

The first serial modification of the Israeli Kfir fighter equipped with canards. An excellent fighter-bomber is the main prize in the Battle for Arachis!

Kfir C.2, jet fighter, Israel, rank VII. Event vehicle.

Excellent rate of climb
High top speed
Large payload
No air-to-surface guided weapons
The Kfir C.2 will soon come to War Thunder at rank VII of the Israeli aviation tree as one of the main prizes in the spring crafting event “Battle for Arachis”. The top-tier Israeli fighter-bomber undoubtly performs well both in solo, for example, in Realistic and Simulator air battles, and as part of a vehicle setup in mixed or Arcade battles. Shall we learn more?

So, Kfir C.2 was built around the J79-J1E turbojet engine, which produces an impressive thrust of over 8,460 kgf in afterburner mode and accelerates the aircraft to speeds of about Mach 2. In addition to high speed, Kfir C.2 boasts a very good rate of climb (up to 200 m/s!) and turn time, which means that the aircraft is more than capable of engaging in air duels with any top-tier fighter. However, unlike interceptors, the Kfir C.2 is better equipped for providing air support against ground targets, since you will be able to carry up to 8,000 lbs into battle. Like its French progenitor the Mirage, the Kfir C.2 is armed with a pair of fast firing 30mm DEFA guns effective against lightly armored vehicles and helicopters. In the fighter-interceptor combat role, the Kfir C.2 can carry two Sidewinder AIM-9D or AIM-9G missiles. The same missiles can be found in the numerous mixed-target weapon presets, including 500, 750, 1,000 and 2,000 lb bombs, Mighty Mouse and Zuni rockets, and M61 Vulcan 20mm cannon pods. Alas, like the Kfir C.7, the Kfir C.2 version lacks air-to-surface guided weapons, but the ballistic computer allows you to accurately place bombs from low altitudes exactly on targets.

The “Battle for Arachis” will bring you a great Israeli fighter-bomber, join the event and craft yourself one just by playing the game! We will announce the second high-ranking prize of the crafting event tomorrow, and a bit later we will present the full list of rules and prizes of the “Battle for Arachis”.

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