Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022


In early February, we announced our plans for 2022. Over the months since our previous publication, many of our ideas have been implemented. More information about future changes to World of Warships is now available and some details have changed. It’s high time we shared our development plans for the second half of 2022!
Please note that all the information contained in this document is preliminary. Any changes and new features that we announce may be adjusted several times during tests. During each of those testing rounds, we’ll carefully consider your feedback and opinions. Now, let’s get down to the details! To reveal the information, click on the respective blocks.

What’s Already Done


Pan-Asian cruisers are now available to everyone, and Early Access to Italian destroyers will also end soon.

A new nation has been added to the game—Spain. The first representative is Canarias.

X Grosser Kurfürst and X Khabarovsk were replaced in the Tech Tree with X Preussen and X Delny. Also, the testing of superships ★ Condé, ★ Annapolis, ★ Zorkiy, ★ Yamagiri, ★ United States, ★ Eagle, ★ Satsuma, and ★ Hannover was finished, and they were added to the branches of their respective nations.

Game Events

We celebrated Lunar New Year.

Players had a chance to try out Dirigible Derby and fight in the Savage Battle on the Flooded City map.

Construction of Atlântico has started on the already familiar Clydebank Dockyard.


Significant visual improvements have been implemented. Snow, ice, and sand on maps have become more realistic and spectacular, the ice build-up effect has appeared on ships and is visible in battles on snow-covered maps, and shadows on maps and ships now look more realistic.

A number of visual effects have been updated, and we’re continuing to rework maps and Ports to bring them up to HD quality. By the way, we’ve released a Hot Fix episode covering our work on the World of Warships graphics. You can watch it here.

We’ve also disclosed the item drop chances for all containers. Check them out here.

Spring 2022

French Cruisers

Update 0.11.4 kicks off Early Access to new French ships VIII Cherbourg, IX Brest, and X Marseille. The cruisers are armed with large-caliber guns mounted on their bows. Their long reload time is partly compensated for by the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable. The ships are capable of achieving high speeds with the help of the improved Engine Boost consumable that is typical for French ships. The armor of the new cruisers ensures good protection of their citadels against medium-caliber AP shells, but they are quite vulnerable against HE and SAP shells.
Read the Development Blog and Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.4 to learn more details about Early Access to the French cruisers.

Arms Race in Random and Co-op Battles

Arms Race was first introduced into the game quite a long time ago—as a separate test mode initially, and then as a format for several Ranked Battles seasons later. In Update 0.10.10, it returned as a separate battle type featuring various changes and improvements. It received positive feedback from players and demonstrated good statistics. The next stage of the Arms Race development will be its introduction to Random and Co-op Battles.

Arms Race will be available only in battles where the highest ship tier is IX or X, as well as in battles with superships. It will also be available only on these eight maps: Northern Waters, Sleeping Giant, Loop, Warrior’s Path, Mountain Range, Land of Fire, Islands of Ice, and Hotspot. With the addition of the new mode to Random and Co-op Battles, Epicenter will be disabled.

Summer 2022

British Battleships

Great Britain—one of the mightiest naval powers in the world—is expecting reinforcements. The branch of British battleships will feature warships that are historically classified as battlecruisers.

The new Tier III–VI ships were actually built in real life. The new ships of higher tiers were created based on Royal Navy projects from the first half of the 20th century.
More details about the concept and settings of the new British battleships are available in the Development Blog.

Game Events
Sea Battle

We strive to delight you with new and interesting activities. Sea Battle is one of them. It’s inspired by a classic game that you’re probably familiar with.

You’ll need a special resource—Passes—to participate. Passes can be earned by completing combat missions.

When playing Sea Battle, you’ll be competing against AI. Destroying ships and winning battles will bring you rewards. These rewards can include special themed resources, e.g. Tokens for Early Access to ships, or other in-game items. Before starting or during playing, you can press the “Finish battle automatically” button for the AI to finish the battle instead of you. Battle results will be displayed on the screen, and you’ll receive any due rewards. You can pause the battle at any time and return to it later without losing your progress.

New Iteration of Convoy

Convoy was first introduced to the Live Server as a separate battle type in Update 0.10.8. It received positive feedback from players, and we’re happy to announce that we’ll soon launch the second iteration of this battle type.

Battles will utilize a 12 vs. 12 format with Tier VIII–X ships. The maps and routes have been updated—you can expect two or even three convoy routes on the map, with one or more destination points. This will increase gameplay variety for both the escorting and attacking teams, as well as offer new tactics. Along with this, we’ll decrease the number of ships in Convoy respectively for each route so as not to complicate the task for the attacking team and to avoid performance issues in battle.

We’ve also prepared various interface improvements, updates to tips, and other changes to help players take their bearings in the new battle type.

Return of Puerto Rico

The Dockyard with VIII Atlântico won’t be the last one this year. The next opportunity to build a ship will come at the end of summer. This time, we’ll return the pioneer of the Dockyard— X Puerto Rico.

The first Dockyard with X Puerto Rico was very complicated and not the most successful from the perspective of its design and mechanics. We’ve taken all of our mistakes into account and reworked the event design. As all subsequent iterations—starting with VIII Odin—demonstrated, the Dockyard in its current format has become a full-fledged part of our game and works well. On top of that, many players have been asking when we are going to bring Puerto Rico back to the game. That’s why we’ve decided to put Puerto Rico back on the stocks—we see it as an excellent opportunity to rectify our early mistakes with this feature. It also means that you’ll be building a Tier X ship, which hasn’t happened since the very first Dockyard. Those who didn’t manage to build the ship in the New Year Update 0.8.11 or started playing the game later will now have a chance to do so. Obtaining the ship will be much easier than the first time, but it won’t be possible to finish the construction for free, same as with previous ships at the Dockyard.
Players who already have X Puerto Rico in their Ports but still build her at this Dockyard will be provided with compensation. We plan to give such players the opportunity to select a bundle with one of the following resources: Doubloons, Steel, Coal, or Research Points. The amount of whichever resource is in the bundle will be enough to obtain any Tier X ship currently available for purchase.

Return of Operations

As a result of the changes to aircraft carriers in Update 0.8.0, many AI-related internal tools became outdated. Adjusting aircraft carriers controlled by AI became hard or even impossible. For this reason, some Operations were temporarily removed from the game. We are currently actively working on aircraft carriers’ AI to bring some Operations (e.g. Cherry Blossom, Hermes, and The Ultimate Frontier) back to the game.

Personal Challenges

Personal Challenges are a rather easy but interesting activity that allow you to achieve results playing your favorite ships and get rewards for this. They also encourage you to research new ship branches.

Future updates will bring new iterations of Personal Challenges with a number of improvements. More “type–nation” categories will be added for completing challenges, including Early Access ships. New mission conditions will be introduced: earning ribbons or XP; dealing damage. It will be possible to style Personal Challenges for themed events like New Year’s Night, Clash of Courage, and their analogs. We’ll also improve the interface to make it more informative.

Return of USS Black and Website Minigames

A special event is planned for June during which you’ll be able to obtain USS IX Black and earn various themed rewards. The event is going to be accompanied by a web campaign that will allow you to choose your own path through the Pacific theater of World War II in 1944 on a special map and build a career for your own Commander. As a reward for completing the campaign, you’ll receive a U.S. Commander with 12 skill points. You can distribute some of the skill points by making choices right on the campaign map.
With the introduction of the Pan-Asian cruiser branch, we’ve added a special minigame to publications dedicated to ships coming to Early Access. Play, familiarize yourself with new ships, remember them, and get special achievements! We’re going to add such minigames to articles about each new ship branch in our game.

New Map: The Faroe Islands

The visual style of The Faroe Islands map was selected by players back in fall 2021, and the map is currently in the final stages of its preparation. We plan to release it to the Live Server with Update 0.11.5.

Changes to the Containers Tab

The cargo ship feature is currently very limited—players can only see the total number of containers they possess. This is particularly inconvenient for those who store lots of containers. To address this issue, we’re going to improve the system for storing containers on the cargo ship and make it more informative.

Players will be able to view the numbers of each container type they have and open containers only of a specific type. We’re adding information about container names and their descriptions, as well as an option to get information about the drop chances of container items.

We initially planned to finish this feature in spring, but tweaking it and testing the reworked cargo ship requires more time. That’s why the changes to the Containers tab will be implemented in one of the summer updates.

Training Missions for New Players

Helping new players master the key principles and mechanics is a very important part of the game development. For this purpose, we’re adding a set of simple missions to World of Warships. These missions will gradually focus on different game mechanics. This will help inexperienced players get their bearings in World of Warships, acquire basic skills through playing, and receive small rewards for this. Each mission will have its own set of tips that will enable players to better navigate in the game.

This is another feature that we’ve postponed to summer because we needed more time to finalize the design of these missions.

Separation of Exterior Elements and Economic Bonuses

We’re working on the separation of exterior elements and economic bonuses, as well as on updating the latter. These changes will enable you to select economic bonuses and camouflages separately, and they will simplify the process of managing economic bonuses. We’ll do our best to make the transition from the old system to the new one as comfortable as possible, as well as to conserve the current state of the game economics (prices and earnings). Cumulatively, players won’t lose in profitability and will earn even more in some situations.
This large-scale change will be implemented in one of the summer updates or in the early fall. All essential information is published in the Development Blog.

Changes to the Battle Camera

The quality of textures and effects is an essential part of the game, but the way players see World of Warships is no less important. Not long ago, we announced a new stage of testing battle camera settings. Its results were positive. Some minor tweaks are still required, and after that, we’ll implement these changes on the Live Server.

Independence Day: Update of U.S. Destroyer Models

In summer, we traditionally celebrate U.S. Independence Day. You can expect to see loads of themed content. Updating the models of U.S. destroyers will also be dedicated to this holiday. This work will span two updates. First, we’ll update the models of researchable Tier VII–X destroyers. Second, we’ll turn to the models of researchable Tier II–VI destroyers and VII Sims, which we started working on concurrently with the researchable ships.

Fall 2022

New features and improvements that we plan for fall are at the preliminary design stage, so we don’t have many details to share with you. We’ll cover the most important things.

Japanese Light Cruisers

By fall, we’ll have added Japanese Tier V–X light cruisers for testing. Their concept is in development, but we can already safely say that all ships of the branch will have 610 mm torpedoes at their disposal, and their torpedo launchers will have wide aiming angles. As for their main batteries, the Tier V and VI ships will have 152 mm guns, the Tier VII ship will have 155 mm guns, and high-tier cruisers will carry 150 mm dual-purpose guns.

Anniversary and Improvements of Battle Performance Bonuses

We’re going to celebrate World of Warships’ Anniversary—our beloved game is turning seven! Players can expect loads of themed rewards and interesting activities.

Naturally, festive bonuses for battle performance will also be available. Many players have very extensive Ports, and getting rewards for battle performance on each ship can be very difficult and time-consuming. To deal with this, we plan to rework the battle performance bonus system. Players with many ships in their Ports will be able to receive rewards from several ships per battle.


For Halloween 2021, we brought back themed Operations Saving Transylvania and Sunray in the Darkness. As the statistics showed, players were enthusiastic about their return—Nightmare Operations appeared to be much more popular than the standard ones. This year, we plan to add Saving Transylvania and Sunray in the Darkness as part of the Halloween activities again. Besides that, we are considering the possibility to additionally bring back another once very popular themed Operation—Terror of the Deep—featuring submarines!

New Map

In addition to The Faroe Islands and continuation of reworking maps and Ports to bring them up to HD quality, we plan to start working on one more new map. It’s currently at the preliminary design stage. We promise to disclose details later when we’re ready.
We’ll keep releasing special videos of the Waterline series once per quarter! We’ll share new information and our plans for the upcoming 6 months with you, as well as explain why we make any changes to the already announced plans. Stay tuned!World of Warships Team

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