Battle Types

The BATTLE! button is located on the upper panel in your Port. But before sailing off to a naval battle, you can select your battle type on the right-hand side of the BATTLE! button.

As you play more battles, a greater variety of battle types will become available to you:

  • Co-op Battle
  • Random Battle
  • Scenarios
  • Ranked Battle
  • Clan Battle
  • Training

Temporary battle types will appear from time to time (for example, Arms Race or Space Battle).

Co-op Battle 

Team up with other players and fight against a team of AI bots. Test your newly acquired warships, study the peculiarities of a new map, polish your naval skills, experiment with your battle style, or just have fun! Co-op Battle is a great way to learn basic game mechanics before you meet real opponents. Team line-ups are mirrored in terms of the balance of ship types. The maximum number of players is nine. Don’t drop your guard, though—fire from bots is quite accurate and they are capable of maneuvering skillfully.

Co-op Battle is the only battle type available when you just start playing World of Warships.

Random Battle 

Tired of fighting bots? Here’s where the real fun begins! Set sail in a classic PvP-style battle that will truly put your combat skills to the test! Two teams with up to 12 players in each participate in these battles.

Random Battle is the most popular battle type in World of Warships: fighting against other players brings much greater rewards compared to Co-op Battle.

To win a battle, your team needs to score 1,000 points, destroy all the enemy ships, capture the enemy base, or reduce the enemy team’s score to zero.

To unlock Random Battles, you need to play three Co-op Battles.


Scenarios are special battles with AI-controlled bots, in which you need to complete various tasks: defend a base, escort a ship to a Key Area, etc. Scenarios can be played both in a standard setup with the usual ships, or in an event setup that introduces special maps or ships. Completing additional tasks brings various rewards: Free XP, signals, camouflages, and other valuable prizes. You can complete every individual task numerous times, but you will get the reward only once.

Even though players can participate solo in Scenarios, it is advantageous to unite with other Captains. Invite friends into a Division and increase the chances of success!

To unlock access to Scenarios, you need to have played at least 21 battles in any available game mode.

Ranked Battle 

Ranked Battles and Ranked Sprints are separate types of seasonal battles. Unlike Random Battles, it’s not only the result of an individual battle which is important here, but also general progress. By winning, you ascend through the Ranks, earning more and more valuable rewards. All players who have fought at least 130 battles in any of the available modes can participate in Ranked Battles.

Your progress is reflected by a number—your Rank. The higher the Rank, the better the rewards. You climb the ladder from the starting Rank, all the way up to Rank 1. You gain Stars for victories and lose them for defeats. Once you have collected the required number of Stars, you get the next Rank. Upon reaching Rank 1, you will obtain the main rewards and finish the season.

Battles are fought on ships of a single tier; the format depends on the settings of each Ranked Battles season.

In addition to Ranked Seasons, there are Ranked Sprints which have fewer Ranks, more irrevocable Ranks, and progressing requires fewer Stars. Its main feature is that in Ranked Sprints you can fight in a Division with your friends.

Clan Battle 

Clan Battles are a true clash of naval titans—player Clans. Battles are held within a Season. All players who have unlocked Clan Battles in Access Levels and joined a Clan can play this battle type. To unlock it, you need to have played at least 200 battles in any available mode.

By winning in Clan Battles, Clans earn the rating points that enable them to progress through Leagues, and a valuable resource—Steel. The higher the League, the more challenging the opponents.

Besides Clan Battles, there is one more battle format for Clans called the Clan Brawl. Unlike Clan Battles, Clan Brawls take place throughout a single day, and only victories are counted for the Rating. Each Clan selects its preferred prime time to play—it can choose to fight either during its own server’s prime time, or matches can be made on different servers if their times are more convenient.

Training Room 

The key to effective team work and advanced skills is constant training. Create Training Rooms and invite friends to work on your combat skills together or test the possibilities of different ships.

In Training Battles you don’t spend consumables or earn XP and credits, and you don’t have to pay for the post-battle service of your ship. Training Rooms are unlocked after you have played 200 battles in any available game mode.