Carrier’s principal weapon is her aircraft squadrons. Your aircraft carrier transports aircraft that are ready to take off at your order from the first moment of battle. Three types of aircraft are at your disposal: attack aircraft, torpedo bombers, and bombers. Attack aircraft carry unguided rockets. These rockets are most efficient against lightly armored targets and are quite precise. Bombers are strike aircraft that carry bombs capable of inflicting heavy damage to armored targets. When controlling torpedo bombers, be sure to take the correct lead before launching your torpedoes!



Choose one of three squadron types and don’t forget to defend your allies with fighters!


Aviation can efficiently spot the location of enemy warships.


Aircraft are capable of striking anywhere on the map. Their mobility allow you to swiftly adapt to any combat situation and switch targets on the go.

Tactical Advice

  • Most attack aircraft are capable of high speeds and can quickly reach their destination. The reticule for attack aircraft is an ellipse or circle with special marks inside that show the firing dispersion when fully aimed.
  • The reticule for bombers is quite similar to that of attack aircraft. When attacking with bombers or attack aircraft, consider the features of the ellipse of your aircraft and choose the appropriate path of approach—from the bow/stern or from the sides.
  • Keep in mind that when climbing or diving, the reticule of bombers moves rather slowly and that it accelerates when approaching the target.
  • Attacking with torpedo bombers differs significantly from other aircraft types. The torpedo drop zone is similar to that of ships using torpedo launchers.
  • Torpedoes need time to arm before hitting the target. To make it clearer, the distance required for the torpedoes to arm is highlighted yellow, and their range is highlighted green. In order to carry out a successful attack run with torpedo bombers, you need to switch to the attack mode while at a significant distance from the enemy, keeping in mind that you must take a lead on the target and that your opponent might take evasive maneuvers.
  • Destroyers are very maneuverable and small in size, which makes them the most difficult target for airstrikes—use attack aircraft to hit them instead.
  • Battleships and cruisers make good targets for bombers and torpedo bombers.
  • Use the Autopilot to set the ship’s course in advance so as not to get distracted by handling the carrier.