Cruisers fulfill multiple roles in battle. Their various armament and consumable configurations make them versatile soldiers in naval encounters. Cruisers are notable for their rapid-firing artillery and maneuverability, the latter of which helps them dodge enemy torpedoes and salvos fired from battleships. Their high rate of fire is a trump card when it comes to hunting for destroyers. Many cruisers are also armed with torpedoes, which makes them an even more menacing threat in close-quarters brawls.

While American cruisers of Tier VI and above are not armed with torpedoes, their artillery is effective and their AA defenses are capable of efficiently repelling enemy aircraft squadrons. Japanese cruisers are more vulnerable to aerial attacks, but their artillery and torpedoes become more powerful at each tier, and their low detectability is one of their most valuable assets.


Accuracy and Rate of Fire

Their high accuracy and rapid rate of fire allow cruisers to rain shells down on warships of any type and cause serious damage.

Effective Air Defenses

Numerous AA guns turn them into effective air-defense platforms, highly capable of bringing down enemy aviation.


The combat roles of cruisers range from protecting allies from torpedo attacks and airstrikes, to providing artillery support and capturing Key Areas.

Tactical Advice

  • Cruisers are a multirole ship type. Shooting down enemy aircraft, hunting for destroyers, and providing cover fire for allies are just a few of the key roles that cruisers fulfill. The versatility and adaptability of cruisers becomes most clear when these ships are helmed by players who are capable of swiftly and competently carrying out several tasks at a time.
  • Cruisers often become the primary target of the enemy forces. Actively maneuver and be sure to avoid exposing your citadel, located in the central part of the ship. Doing so will significantly reduce the risk of critical damage.
  • Always cooperate with your teammates and provide AA support for your allies. Several cruisers working as one team can pose a serious problem for enemy aviation: with multiple cruisers, the efficiency of their AA fire increases manyfold, enabling them to tear enemy air squadrons to shreds.