Destroyers are the fastest and most agile type of warship. They are lightly armored and possess excellent handling characteristics. In terms of their weaponry, the torpedo armament they carry packs some serious punch—enough to damage or destroy even the toughest warships. They also have the ability to use smoke screens, allowing them to conceal their movement and any nearby allied ships. Capable of both acting alone or in a group, destroyers are masters of the ambush.

The features of destroyers vary among nations. American destroyers feature capable, rapid-firing guns, while Japanese destroyers are harder to detect and come equipped with more advanced torpedoes.



If successfully deployed, torpedoes can sink any type of warship.

High Maneuverability

The exceptional maneuverability of destroyers allows them to control their distance and avoid enemy attacks while sneaking up on enemy ships.

Smoke Screen

A versatile tool, smoke screens can be deployed to conceal allied movement, confuse enemy ships, and avoid enemy fire.

Tactical Advice

  • Use the speed and agility of destroyers to get close to your enemy, then launch your torpedoes. Keep track of enemy movements, change your position while remaining undetected, and strike from the direction where your enemy expects it the least.
  • Torpedoes are a destroyer’s main weapon and their greatest equalizer. They are the deadliest weapon in the game, but you need to carefully prepare and consider each attack. When launching torpedoes, it is important to take the motion of your enemy into account. If they are in motion, you should anticipate them occasionally changing course and aim tactically. Remember that reloading torpedoes takes quite a long time. Without them being ready to launch, your destroyer is almost defenseless against any better armed enemies.
  • Take advantage of each map’s landscape—islands and narrow straights will compromise the manoeuvrability of larger ships and provide you with opportunities to set ambushes.
  • Target slower ships like battleships and aircraft carriers; the high rate of fire and swift speed of cruisers can easily cancel out a destroyer’s advantages.
  • Learn to use your smoke screens effectively, particularly when ambushing or retreating. Destroyers can fire from smoke-covered areas without fear of being detected by the enemy, unless they get too close.
  • To feel more confident in battle, master the “Last Stand” perk in your Commander’s skill tree. This skill will ensure that your ship is still capable of moving and manoeuvring, even if the enemy damages your engine or steering gears.
  • Don’t spend too much time in the Binocular view—doing so will compromise your ability to manoeuvre, and you might miss the perfect torpedo opportunity.