Game Modes

The team objectives in a battle depend on the game mode.

Standard Battle

Number of bases or Key Areas: 2

This is the baseline World of Warships game mode. Your mission is to capture the enemy base or destroy all the enemy warships.

To capture the base, you need to stay within the base limits for a specific length of time. While capturing the base, you earn capture points. If an ally joins you, the capture rate increases by 50%. However, once there are two ships capturing the base, the rate won’t increase if another allied ship enters the capture limits.

To defend your base, hit the capturing ships to reduce their capture points by half. If several ships stay within the capture limits, a successful hit on one of them doesn’t affect the progress of others. Only direct hits can reduce capture points. If you set the enemy on fire with a HE shell, the fire damage won’t interrupt the capture.

If you enter your base while it’s being captured by the enemy, the capture progress stops. If the enemy leaves the base, all the capture points are discarded.

Available in battle types:  


Number of bases or Key Areas: 3–4

The ability to quickly move and control several areas of the map at once is especially valuable when playing this mode. The map has special Key Areas—capturing and holding them increases your team’s score. Your goal is to earn 1,000 points, reduce the enemy team’s score to zero, or destroy all the enemy ships.

The mechanics of capturing and defending Key areas are the same as for bases in the Standard Battle mode.

Available in battle types:    


Number of bases or Key Areas: 3

Epicenter is similar to Domination mode in many ways, but its Key Areas are located at the center of the map, one inside another. These Areas can be captured independently from each other. The closer the Key Area to the center, the more capture points it brings. That is why Epicenter offers quicker and more aggressive gameplay in close quarters.

The mechanics of capturing Key Areas in Epicenter is the same as in Standard Battle.

Available in battle types:   

The maximum duration of any battle is 20 minutes.