The PROFILE tab, located on the upper panel under the BATTLE! button, displays your complete game statistics: the number of battles fought in all modes and all rewards, achievements, ranks, and themed collections.

The first tab in your profile is the ACCESS LEVELS. Your Access level is dependent on the number of battles fought, and each subsequent level unlocks access to new in-game possibilities: battle types, upgrades, Commander training, and many other features.


The ACHIEVEMENTS tab is located directly under the ACCESS LEVELS tab. Achievements are earned by meeting specific requirements in Random or Ranked Battles, and in some Operations. They are also awarded for other in-game activites. Several types of individual achievements exist: honorary, heroic, commemorative, and others. Some of the achievements will reward you with signals upon earning them once per day. You can sort any achievements earned in battle by the time when you received them or by their quantity.


Ranked Battles and Sprints are specific battle types with their own rules, in which players fight against one another. Unlike Random Battles, it’s not only the result of an individual battle which is important here, but also general progress. By winning battles, you move up the ranking ladder and have the opportunity to obtain even more valuable rewards. The RANKS tab of your profile is there to inform you about the requirements for earning various Ranks in the current Season, help you track your progress, and show you the rewards credited for each rank attained.


Collections offer an excellent way to discover some interesting historical facts and obtain desirable rewards along the way, such as permanent camos, Commanders, and other valuable in-game items and abilities. As soon as you obtain the first item of any collection, the COLLECTIONS tab becomes available in your Profile.

Collections are made up of various elements: coats of arms of warships and combat units, items dedicated to renowned personalities, weapons, ships and aircraft, insignias, and much more. Each image is accompanied by a detailed description. For players’ convenience, the elements are divided into thematic sections. When each collection section is completed, an additional reward is unlocked. When all the elements of a collection or section have been gathered, a window informing the player about the associated reward is displayed. The collection is marked with an icon stating that it’s “Complete”, which means you can return to it anytime to read the information about its elements.

In most cases, you’ll find collection items in containers of the same name. Clicking on a collection item that was dropped from a container will transfer you to the screen of the corresponding collection. But there are exceptions—for example, the items from a collection dedicated to the World of Warships Anniversary in 2017 were issued for special achievements earned in battle.

You can subscribe to some of the collections. This allows you to choose which elements of the big collections you want to actively gather. You can obtain the first elements of these collections in special containers. By activating a subscription, you will be able to find the rest of the collectibles in the following containers: More Credits, More Signals and Camouflages, and Try Your Luck. You can only subscribe to one collection at a time under the Profile tab.

When completing a collection, it is possible to obtain an item you already have—a duplicate. Having collected a certain number of duplicates from the same collection, you can exchange them for any items that you are still missing.


This tab provides full information on the number of battles you have fought and ships you have sunk, your average results per battle, and many other things. Here, you can find statistics that will allow you to evaluate your combat efficiency and find out which type of ships you take into battle most often, which nation’s ships you prefer, and other useful data. In the menu on the right, you can display statistics by battle type (Co-op, Random, and Ranked). The list of all the ships that you have used in the selected battle type will be shown below. You can set the display order for ships in the list by the following parameters: victory rate, number of battles, Tier, nation, or type. Hover the mouse cursor over the values in the summary to bring up a tooltip.